Friday, February 5, 2016

Remnants of a forgotten time - day three

Art Novena for Our Lady of Lourdes

Day Three

Vas Spiritualis

Shards of Beauty - Remnants of a forgotten time

It has been reported that remains of an ancient
culture and peoples have been uncovered
on the continent of Africa.

Many incredibly exciting pieces have been
dug up, some still in very good condition.

From the obvious reverent way in which these relics have been buried,
it is obvious that these, still un-named and unknown,
peoples, considered many, maybe even all,
aspects of ordinary life to be sacred.
It is also obvious that devotion to
a higher ideal was very important to them.

Many of these pieces contain the images of
women, regaled as sacred mother, priestess, teacher,
householder, artist and as holy.

It would also appear that they understood the essence of
the goodness of Life to be represented by radiant Light.

These relics all contain pottery or clay shards of the
image of the Revered Woman and in some
instances various names are sculptured into these
mysterious and mystical shards.

Remnants of an ancient language is still
visible in pieces of scrolls which had become
embedded in these relics.

These relics all contain very precious pieces
of jewels and other treasures
and this shows that these relics
were regarded as extremely important
and valuable to this community and tribe.

Scholars are speculating that these relics
are from an ancient temple, most probably from
the Temple of Mary.

These relics may be the key to a deeper understanding
for a peaceful and wise society!!!

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