Thursday, December 10, 2015

Twelve Days of Mary - Day Ten

Who has ever been stronger than Mary?
Anyone then who wishes to live in the valley
of humility must conquer
All the power of great love

 -  Hadewijch of Antwerp

XIII Death
Sacred Mysteries of Mary Deck

She will take the racked treasure of our suffering
on her knees and place it beside the 
tortured relic of Christ's body.
Her arms contain all the suffering of the whole of humanity,
the countless ever-growing number of wounds
of a human race which is continuously crucified.
-  Edward Schillebeecks

I am participating in
Twelve Days with Mary love
as hosted by Rebecca at
This is an annual circle of connection and sharing
of inspiration and Mary love, much
wider than culture, religion or dogma.



  1. Very lovely words and images

    Much love...

  2. Very lovely words and images

    Much love...

  3. This is REALLY an impressive image! The background makes it more so!

  4. She is my favorite of your shrines shown, so far. I'm drawn to the sorrowful Mary you have her so wonderfully framed with the black rosary.

  5. A deeply meaningful death card for your deck. What are the dimensions of this piece?

  6. yes, yes to the broad participation in mother love

  7. a giant sigh-straight from my heart.

  8. These shrines you have created and the words that are paired with it leave me speechless. Resonating all of my inner being with such positive light and energy.


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