Saturday, February 22, 2014

Give-away on Mondays with Mary

On Monday 24 Feb 2014 you are invited
to join with me in my weekly
Mondays with Mary.

but with an added sweetness!

I will be giving something beautiful and handmade
and something imbued with the image or spirit of Mary
away every week.  The winner will be announced
the following Monday.

This week I am gifting this beautiful
small shrine called Le Sanctuare, the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary. Le Sanctuaire.    
I took a small canvas and turned into a shadowbox which I covered in  vintage French papers.  
The image of Mary I created in clay and then painted it and placed her 
inside the small shrine.

I embellished the shrine with german glass glitter and a multitude of miniature roses. 
 Her halo is tiny rhinestones and and at the top of the sanctuary is a beautiful rhinestone crown.

And of course, it will arrive beautifully packed in tissue paper and voile bag with rose petals and
pink salts and frankincense and things beautiful and fragrant and blessed.
I have been very fortunate to travel to some mystical places
and have collected dust and holy waters from these places as well as
second class relics. 
I will add blessed rose petals touched to a second class St Therese relic to the mixture of blessed pink salt and frankincense and crushed rose petals.

Goddesses have perennially been associated with flowers. 
 The rose is a symbol of resurrection and gives scars and death a mystical significance.  
The Mystical Rose can also be a lotus, the symbol of spring, which grew in the Jordan valley in bible times.    The rose is the western symbol of wholeness and it is also like the virgin, whole and intact, a flower unfolding.  
The Cosmic Rose in the Hindu tradition is meant to describe the beauty of the divine Mother.  
The rose is the mystic center of perfect and unsullied sanctity. 
 Dante wrote of Mary : Here is the rose wherein the word of God was made incarnate.

Dimensions : 12 x 9 x 3 cm

Part of the Sacred in the Ordinary series of shrines.
All my shrines come with a catalogue number, name and label.

Shrine Series : Sacred in the Ordinary
Number : 101
Name : Le Sanctuaire

If you play along, please leave a comment after you have linked up
and send us to your blog so that we can visit you too.
Your name will go into a hat for the draw of this beautiful
shrine and I will announce the winner at the next Mondays with Mary.

Let's have some beautiful fun!!



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