Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sixth day of Pilgrimage of Mary

Marys everywhere you look
In 2006 I went on a pilgrimage to St Brigid
at Kildare, Ireland.
Living in a very Calvinistic South Africa,
I had only previously seen Mary statues
in the media and literature, and
occasionally in front of a local Roman-Catholic Church.
That is, until I visited Ireland!!

My friend and I became quite adept at taking
pictures of Mary whilst driving as statues of Mary appeared
next to highways,
 on traffic circles,
in the gardens of homes,
in front of pubs,
you name it!

I could not get enough!!

Since then I have been travelling the globe
on an on-going pilgrimage of Mary.

You may want to visit Rebecca
and see some of the other offerings
on this wondrous pilgrimage



  1. These beautiful Marys have an innocent and fresh country look about them.
    Lovely photos!


  2. Wow, these are indeed very beautiful. Love them all. It must have been a very nice trip. Thank you. Happy Mary Day.

  3. Rebecca and I both agree that one just cannot get enough of Mary statues! How glorious to be on a world pilgrimage to find more!!!


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