Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fourth day of the pilgrimage of Mary

But now, at last, he seeks her.
He calls for her.
He knows the name of the Rose.
Exhausted and parched
in wretchedness,
she hears him call her name.
She stirs, raises her head, and looks around.
"Who speaks?"

Her heart beats faster.
"Can it be he?
Has he returned at last for me?"

The garden where he left her
is now a wasteland---
scarred, dried, and shriveled.
Trees are stunted,
streams of living water
only a trickle.
Thickets of thorn
surround the garden,
barring his way.
With the sword of truth
he must hack them to pieces
to reach his beloved.

At last he finds her,
still clasping her alabaster jar.
Her joyful tears fall at his feet.
A second time she dries them with her hair.
But now he reaches for her hand.
"Come, beloved; it is time.
Let us go together into the vineyard
to see if the vines are in bloom." (Cant. 7:13)

Hand in hand now,
they walk in the desert garden.
And where their feet tread
a violet springs up from the ground,
an anemone lifts its head.
In their wake
buds swell on barren bough.

"No longer will you be called 'forsaken'
and your lands 'desolate,'
but you shall be called 'beloved,'
and your lands 'espoused'" (Isa. 62:4)

He whispers her name,
savoring its taste
delighting in the Bride of his longing.

-  extract from The Sacred Reunion by Margaret Starbird
Painting by Hettienne Grobler, entitled The Bride

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  1. This Mary sizzles and snaps! I wonder if she is doing the salsa... :)

    Our Lady of the Loo

  2. Beautiful painting Hettienne,I love the combination of greens and pinks.I can feel the energy rising in your posts!

    Have a lovely day,

  3. How beautiful she is, Hettienne! A woman in Love.

  4. You've captured her very soul. It's lovely.

  5. She looks both demure and passionate -- a beautiful Mary.

  6. Your Magdalena is a beautiful bride♥

  7. Absolutely beautiful art work and post for Rebecca's AVAD ~ blessings to you, (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  8. What a wonderful piece. Love your creativity and passion. She is just beautiful. Thank you.

  9. oh your bride is STUNNING!!!
    thank you for one more bright flower in the garden of love!

  10. I love the soft, lovely colors of your painting. And thank you for introducing me to "The Sacred Reunion."

  11. Her radiance is stunning. The beauty in her eyes and the color that surround her are magical. I can hear her calm prayer.


  12. Always an inspirational visit here.

  13. oh so beautiful! I must dig round for a painting my daughter did of St Elizabeth or was it St Hedwig (her favourite) they are totally different of course but something of a reminder of each other.. Love!

  14. Your painting is beyond magical...I love everything about it...the colors, the look on Mary's face, the flowers on the veil, the perfect sacred heart! It is such a beautiful accompaniment to the story.

  15. Hettienne she is wonderful. LOVE this morning with Mary.

  16. I thought I had posted, but guess I didn't. She is a magical, mystical, whimsical Mary/bride, but the words accompanying her are purely mystical.


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