Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Virgin a Day


An old legend tells that at the time of the winter solstice, 
all of those souls, who will incarnate in the coming year, 
draw close to the Earth.The Divine Mother then 
takes a single petal from the Great Rose of Life 
and places it in the heart of each of those souls who will. 
As that soul then is born and grows throughout its life 
and awakens its true self, that single petal will blossom 
in the heart of the individual, becoming a living 
Rose of Life that will bless the world.

I created this shrine as a dedication to the blessing
 of the Rose Queen and the Lady of Hearts. 
 An ode to the mystery of the angelic realms 
and the divine feminine and the resurrection 
of the feminine mysteries. On top is the 
Crown of the Immaculate and the two doors 
are covered with images of the Madonna and Christ, 
embellished with charms of the occult and esoteric, 
symbols of fortune and blessing, a key to unlock the mysteries, 
a scissors to cut the veil, 
a rose and a heart to depict the Heart of the Mysteries, 
miniature tarot cards, vintage playing cards and a crucifix, 
sprinkled with black rhinestones.

The two door knobs are each a miniature shrine in itself.
 From each one dangles a tiny red heart and inside are images of the Lady, 
decorated with stars and a rose. The doors are lined with red velvet, 
depicting the power of the Blessing and the Mystery. 
The heart opening is outlined with blue roses - symbol of the Rose Queen.

When you open the shrine, the Lady of Hearts is revealed.
 She is displayed on a handmade tarot cards, 
and each door is lined with altered tarot cards
 and a vintage Queen of Hearts, as well as miniature tarot cards. 
The left door displays the mighty Archangel Michael 
and the Angel of Judgement.

Hail Mary, full of grace,
The Lord is with thee
Blessed art thou among women
and Blessed is the fruit of thy womb
Holy Mary, Rose Queen and Lady of Hearts
Bestow your Blessing upon us
Now and Forever
Blessed Be

Join us in twelve days of Mary.  
are hosting this beautiful event!


  1. I am so impressed with your work! Very cool (and beautiful). xxDonna

  2. This is my favorite of all of your gorgeous shrines - well, maybe except for the one I have. This one takes my breath away. Truly beautiful.

  3. Hi! For several weeks I have tried to comment on your blogs. Finally I can do it in Google chrome. Found you through Inspiration Avenue.
    LOVE this shrine.

  4. Thank you for stopping by. I think this Twelve Days of Mary is the most wondrous idea in blogland and I am thinking hard of the next Mary Days we can share!!

  5. Oh my. What did I write at the last blog?
    Ditto and more. You are a beam of light.

  6. three years ago i was struck with the idea of walking towards december honoring mary every new day until arriving at her feast day. it was a sacred journey, so much so that the next year i welcomed any and all to join me. each day grew with intensity and love. i found that i woke thinking mary, filled my intention all through the day with mary and she found me in my dreams. the stories and images that we all shared astounded everyone. and now...the path has begun again and the love only grows! thank you for being a profound presence in this pilgrimage of mary.


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