Monday, December 5, 2011

Twelve Days of Mary

Visions of Mary in the South of France

This beautiful statue is in the Mary Magdalene Basilica in St Maxime de la St Baume in France.

The Lourdes chapel in the Basilica of Mary Magdalene
St Maximum la st Baume in France

St Anne and Mary as a child

These beautiful pictures of the Lady were taken in the
 Notre Dame de Nazareth dedicated to the 
Miracle of Fatima in the small village of Rians in France.

I recently undertook the Mary Magdalene pilgrimage 
in the South of France and also attended the 
Gypsy festival of Sante Sara in Santes Maries de la Mer 
and then stayed in Lourdes and visited the grotto of 
Our Lady of Lourdes a few times a day.  
If you would like to read about this pilgrimage, 
you will find it here and here and here.  
I have not written about my stay at Lourdes yet 
as I have not been able to find the words 
that can express what I experienced there! 

Join us in Twelve Days of Mary here and you may like to 
visit my artblog's dedication to the Twelve Days of Mary here at

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  1. It's fascinating to see how Mary appears to different artists in different countries.

    Imperturbable Mary

  2. Wonderful photos and marvelous tribute to 'Our Lady' ~ you are blessed with wonderful experiences ~~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) linked w/ Rebecca at Corazon ^_^

  3. beautiful!

    {{ when i was young
    my favorite color
    was this mother mary blue...
    that is what i called it }}

    that you have made
    such a pilgrimage
    is an amazing event to me...

    thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you.
    I read a trilogy about Mary Magdalene and it still haunts me. The author is Kathleen McGowen.

  5. OMG-what beautiful images you have shared with us today. I say OMG in a way of feeling incredibly blessed to partake in this meme. What we are all sharing is a strong common bond. I never had an inclination about visiting Lourdes because I am not fond of crowds. What you have posted here and the glimmer of your experience has me reconsidering this. Now I feel like it should be on my bucket list...

  6. Amazing!! I can understand why you haven't written--sometimes there just aren't the right words or punctuation to describe that wave of InspirationJoyAmazementBittersweetness that comes with travel. Thank you for sharing her with us! <3

  7. Thanks for sharing. So beautiful.
    I will be back to read more about your experience.

  8. So many wonderful Madonnas. You are so lucky to have taken this journey, and so kind to share it with us that haven't. Inspiring!!!

  9. ooo they are all so incredibly beautiful!! thank you for sharing

  10. Did I say .. love all things French!! Inspiring!

  11. What wonderful travels and pilgramages you have experienced.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  12. so much perfect beauty!
    i truly cannot thank you enough. i remember watching the original black and white movie bernadette of lourdes as a child. moved me so. i felt utter kinship with bernadette. i have long dreamed of going to lourdes and dear friend you have given me a sweet taste of this dream coming true.
    thank you for blessing me so generously.

  13. I love your devotion to Our Lady really your blogs leave me with sucha feeling words can't describe it . I really can feel the re-living of your expereince it is just really leaving me in awe .
    our ds10 is really drawn to Fatima we just hung a pic up in his room along with a news paper article from the time period .it had belonged to an elderly Potrugese couple who donated it to the church we feel blessed to have found it for our ds .
    I'm cleaning out my blogs I follow so I can spend more time reading the ones I really have come to love and want to be able to really read and get to know people . Yours is one of them .
    Thanks so much .
    lov rox

  14. Each statue is like a blessing. Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments of your pilgrimage with us. I have never been to Lourdes. I always wanted to go. I cannot imagine the experience but I am sure it was numinous.

  15. To catch a glimpse of Mary, I think, must be a little bit of heaven on earth.

    Affectionate Madonna

  16. beautiful images of our beautiful Lady.


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