Friday, October 21, 2011

The Star

Over at my other blog HER GRACE by DEVATA and at Inspiration Avenue we are running our fabulous 500 followers blogparty.  The theme of the party is On the Wings of Inspiration and the question is 'what inspires you?'.

And my answer is the symbology and metaphysical meaning of The Star ( as seen in the Tarot).

And this is She :

She is inspiration, hope, belief, trust and faith in all things amazing and beautiful. She is acceptance, integration and embodiment (as opposed to transcendence).

She is the radiant light against the dark night sky.  She is the clarity amidst the chaos of life.

We struggle with the concepts of good and bad, dark and light.  As humans, through these struggles, we each choose a corner of belief and the way that we see the world, and eventually, through our closed mindedness, which we believe strengthens us in our quest to truth, clarity and happiness, we close our hearts down.

In the Western world we have been taught that we should overcome our weaknesses;  we should strive to get to the top of the pile and do what it takes to conquer and to become victorious in whatever we endeavour.

We live in the 'father's house' of masculinity of right action, righteousness and rightmindedness.  And thus, the beauty of the chaos, the beauty of the creative path, goes unnoticed and unvalued.  This value system drags in its wake the innocent, the weak, the eccentric and the feminine.  The values of nurturing and support, caring and simple things like housekeeping, gardening, sewing and crafting, loses its importance in the face of all that glitters.

And the one that suffers the most, is the Soul.  In this lopsided imbalanced value system, one applies those harsh judgemental laws to yourself and the Soul, the lover of freedom, innocence, compassion and beauty, suffers deeply.  Some call it the Inner Child or the Golden Child.  And She is The Star.

The Star holds the message that beyond the duality of striving and non-striving;  beyond the duality of masculine and feminine principles;  beyond the separation of different faiths and belief systems, there exists one reality of Love.  Some call that reality God or other Holy Names.  And everything flows from that True Love, abundantly without judgement, without regard, no conditions demanded.  And in Love duality does not exist and there is no separation.

And in this world of form, Love exists beyond form and in form and when we can see the Love in form regardless of its appearance, then we have become The Star.