Sunday, April 3, 2011

Love is carried on the wings of hope

Suffering is inherent in our journey to uncovering the Divine Within. And this is indeed the message of Maryam/Mary/Ma and in whatever form She has been acknowledged and worshipped through the ages. The light does not exist without the darkness. The divine feminine has a dark redemptive and transformative side to Her and the personal life of Mary so clearly illustrates this. It is through the redemption from victimhood and martyrdom that we become the victors in Love.

The suffering is not a punishment, nor an evil that is imposed on us. We, the human beings, are our own jailors and our minds are the bars of the jail cell. The suffering lasts while we are locked up within our own pain, yearning for the way out and we cannot see that these bars do not really exist. That is the real suffering. When the disease strikes, or the loss, or the pain of betrayal, it is the 'Change' that is striking. And the Change calls on us to allow death and redemption and resurrection which follows on death.

It is the dying process that is the part of the journey that stands out in illumination. In those travels to the Underworld, we are Graced with numinous experiences, deep insight into the nature of all things and we are shown where paradise was lost and how to regain it.

Death is the rebirth. The feminine imagery and symbolism equates the womb with the tomb, also often referred to as the cave. In deep meditation we enter the Cave of Brahman, deep inside the brain, and we die to this world and its senses, returning renewed and regenerated by Source. In the story of Jesus in the Bible, His dead body is put into the cave and after three days He is resurrected. In the ancient days, and still in some of the Hindu traditions, the yoni is worshipped as the Great Mother and Her ability to change and to transform us; to take us into deep bliss of leaving ourselves behind. And in the same way, we bury ourselves in the ivory towers of the mind and in the mind's arrogance and the belief that "I know what is best for me and I know how things are'.

She is the Triple Goddess. In the Bible there are three Marys and in Mary's own personal story we see the Virgin, Mother and Queen - birth, death and resurrection or transformation. She embodies and manifests for us the Divine experience of virgin, mother and queen in ourselves and our own personal journeys. And each of these three stages contain the dark side as well as the light; the night as well as the day. And indeed, we can truly clearly see the moon, the symbol of the feminine, in the night sky rather than in the light of the sun, the masculine.

The suffering is that which we feel, that which we sense and intuit, without the rationale of logic and words. The nature of personal psychic suffering is indeed feminine and the soul its vessel. The suffering is embodied in the patterns deeply ingrained in our psyche. In an effort to protect us against further pain, our minds take a healthy survival instinct and distort it into a grotesque fairy tale character, often seen as the Wicked Stepmother or the Evil Queen. And indeed, she lives within us. She is the distorted dark side of the feminine. The true dark side of the feminine has our liberation, not disempowerment, as intent and focus. (A wonderful resource for this theme is The Maiden King by Marion Woodman and Robert Bly).

It is through suffering that we are motivated and inspired to search and to continue the quest for absolute Love. Only when we abide in and have become the absolute unconditional Love does our quest end. Our journey is to seemingly leave the Source of Love, and then to find our way back to Source, only to discover that we never left! That it was all an adventure in the name of Love!

You know that feeling when a really stressful situation has passed and you look back and you say to yourself 'why on earth did I make such a big deal of it? it was nothing after all' - that is the feeling of an enlightening moment. That which seems so dire right now, will pass and then you will maybe regret the power that you gave it in your life. And if you do not regret it, you may realise that you actually enjoy the drama and excitement, but eventually you may consider that the price that it demands, is too high.

Frozen in a block of ice


Locked up in a cube

Bars of the mind firmly in place

Here, my beautiful bird

Never leave this gilded cage

you will Sing

when I command


that you are happy

Daily I feed you a piece of the poisoned apple

Just enough to make it last till the next time

Sing my sweet little bird

Let’s keep them all fooled

One day soon

The branch will break

And you will be set free

Cauldron of Love

Dark, dark, swirl the waters in the black Cauldron.

He looks into its smooth surface and sees

only the reflection of imperfection.

No, he cries,

madly swirling the waters

breathing his poisonous breath

into the words,

‘you are not good enough’,

‘you need to be more, better,

taller, thinner, kinder,

sadder, happier, angrier,

slower, faster, whatever,

you need to be perfect,

you need to be more like Her’

Slowly he crawls away,

never looking back,

ignorant of Her Divine reflection

in the blackness of the dark waters

of the Cauldron of Life.


Today hope was born

as I received my Purusha in my Heart

She is carried by Faith

on the wings of Love

Hope of fulfillment

sweet nectar of life

Hope that the Golden City


that he will make me whole

Hope that the virgin needs be no more

Hope that the marriage

made in heaven will be

She rides in a chariot drawn by two beasts

tamed and reigned

Intent on her goal

Hope offers the Holy Grail

the waters that flow

the red and the white

rushes to meet




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