Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Mystical Marriage in modern times

In the current patriarchal system and masculine dominant milieu, the path of the Mystical Marriage hardly makes sense.  Without the presence of a powerful and equal Goddess or Divine Feminine, the path of ecstasy and bhakty, really seems distorted.

Ultimately, religion, both Eastern and Western, both Christian Bride Mysticism and Tantra Yoga, focuses the divine adoration on the 'Lord', on Christ or Shiva.  This is easy to follow when you are in a female body, but surely it gets very complicated when you are in a male body, or when you are in a female body, but your sexuality is of the same gender?  And this regales the experience to the realm of the mind only, not an embodiment. And, in the hands of power, it becomes a weapon with which to inflict shame and judgement.

 Thus the highly erotic mystical marriage, is used to not elevate the sexual or bodily experience to that of a sacred and holy one, but to an insubordinate position, along with women, devotees and members of the Church or Guru.

Riane Eisler, in her powerful work, Sacred Pleasure, details the original beauty of man and woman in their union with humanity and the divine and how the male dominant rule, turned this mystical path into one of baser instinct. 

She writes, 'By contrast, in most Christian mystical writings, the sacred marriage seems to have a different function.  It is usually the ecstatic union between an individual mystic and the deity.  But since most mystical writings that have come down to us are by men, it is still usually the union between a male subordinate and a male ruler! - with the male mystic (like the male-controlled religious institution) taking the subordinate role of the bride and an all-powerful male God taking the dominant role of the bridegroom.  In other words, what we find here is a homosexual union.'  Bitter irony, no doubt.


Heart of stone

Walls of the fortress

An onslaught on
the defenses
to protect

Hordes of demons
swarming the plains
mud creatures
dripping with revenge

flaming arrows
dipped in boiling oil
cuts through the air

deathly quiet
as it misses the mark

‘sinful whore’
the tyrant shouts
‘lust will be your master
desire forever thwarted’

senses entangled
a knot of chords
dancing in the eternal flames

the tortured cry
evokes lightning from the dark sky

the tower falls
I come tumbling down
pieces scattered everywhere
fragmented Light
shining redemption
as She rises from the rubble

seven veils flowing in the wind

the sun rising
the moon setting
a new day is born. 

                        - Hettienne 2006


  1. Mmm, at a seminar a few weeks ago, a man in the audience got defensive about why women still speak of patriarchy as it excludes men from the conversation. This fear of feminism. But patriarchy has oppressed men as much as women, created as many boxes for the masculine as for the feminine. What freedom is in that, and why feel defensive unless it is something you are complicit in. The divine feminine serves masculinity as much as femininity, transforming all borders and boundaries, creating new pathways for being


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