Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Goddess, Shakty, Kali-Ma

Goddess – She who Is

Silently, gently

She treads on my heart

Moving quietly

Up my womb

Teasingly she awakens me

Hears my secret desire

Pleasure is mine, she says

Use it to worship me

Bring to me your deepest mystery

And it will release you into the temple of love

Passion fills your tender spaces

Love wing around your heart

Her strong and powerful wings

Wakes you up from your slumber

Eros arise

He who is divine

Filled with the knowing

Of the union within

Medusa of Light

I have a flower in my heart,

which blooms with Love.

Each petal is inscribed

with a gift for you.

Tiny is the seed,

ready to sprout

burrowing its roots deep

into my feet.

Throbbing, warm, alive.

Pulsating unseen,

breathing with the rhythm of Love.

She spreads her roots.

Her trunk is formed.

The Cosmic Tree Woman

reaches out to the moon and the sun.

Her branches


sweeps across the stars

hands filled with Light

claiming her own divinity.

She bridges the worlds

of night and day.

Lazily twined,

slithering amongst her leaves,

hair writhing,

live the serpents of light.

Filled with divine knowledge

of truth and might,

snaking in and snaking out.

Reaching out,

spreading far and wide,

pure potential,

gloriously wrathful,


she is the Medusa of Light.

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  1. Kali-Ma - my husband gave me a beautiful statue of Kali-Ma when I turned 40 because 40 is full of change like Kali-Ma. Beautiful post.


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