Sunday, December 11, 2016

Day 11 of Twelve days with Mary

The Sea Journey

Mary is the bridge between heaven and earth, 
between the human and the divine worlds, 
between human and divine justice. 
       - Andrew Harvey in The Return of the Mother

In the Sea Journey we have the ancient tradition 
of carrying an image of Mary in a boat on a sea or 
river journey in a sacred procession and celebration.  
This ritual reminds one of the processions of
 Santa Sara la Kali  as well as Our Lady of Regla.
An image of the Blessed Mary is 
sanctified with prayers, incense, 
candles and flowers and placed on a boat.  
The boat, filled with flowers and candles, 
and the sacred statue of Our Lady is 
then floated across the river to the other side – 
often with other boats making up the procession.

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in Twelve days of Mary Mother Love
in celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe tomorrow.



  1. Have a joyous Sunday Hettienne

    much love...

  2. I love the Sea Journey! So detailed -- so much to examine.

  3. What a beautiful shrine. I live by the ocean and am drawn Very powerful metaphor.

  4. The earth, the sky, and Mary, the bridge.

  5. Any journey we take needs a divine Companion, does it not? Lovely image!


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