Monday, December 7, 2015

Twelve Days with Mary - Day Seven

'scarlet woman, penitent sinner, Sister-Bride,
whore, Black Madonna, High Priestess of Isis,
Mistress of the Elements,
beloved wife of Jesus, favoured disciple,
Mary of Bethany,
Miriam of Magdala, Magdal-eder, the tower-stronghold,
Daughter of Sion  .......
- extracted from Hymn to the Eternal Feminine by Teilhard de Chardin

XII The Tower
The Magdalen
Sacred Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck
The tower is often seen as a bolt of lightning
coming down from the sky, and I suppose by inference,
from God in Heaven.

Here is Mary Magdalene, the woman from
Magdal-elder, the tower-stronghold,
Daughter of Sion seen as the embodiment of
Wisdom as the Changemaker.

She holds the closed book of the Mystery in her hand.
At her feet is the skull, a symbol of Wisdom
and the ability to overcome the fear of death.
In the right hand corner she is depicted as the consort
of Jesus and her sacred oil and jar is displayed
as a reminder of her role as the woman who
anointed the King.

The tower represents the principle
of "living in one's own tower"
This symbol is often used in fairytales,
think of Rapunzel and her tower and
also in the story in the Bible of the Tower of Babel.
The tower separates one from the communion of
others;  it places you 'above' it all and it highlights the differences 
between you and others.  

The path of Wisdom is not always pleasant and comfy, but
she does promise regeneration and rebirth
and new enlivening circumstances
even if it means tumbling down from your high tower!!

(an extract from Magdalen, the changemaker

I am participating in
Twelve Days with Mary love
as hosted by Rebecca at
This is an annual circle of connection and sharing
of inspiration and Mary love, much
wider than culture, religion or dogma.



  1. Your card and all the beautiful symbolism are utterly fantastic Hettienne.

  2. This is a beautiful assemblage, Hettienne. I hope it will become one of your Tarot cards and ultimately part of my own Tarot collection, collected solely for the art.

  3. Another deeply meaningful shrine and the words you always choose to share inspire me. I did not know that de Chardin wrote hymns. I am a woman of curiosity, a forever seeker of that I don't know, and your posts always inspire me to dig a little deeper.

  4. I like how she stands on a skull---triumphant over death!

  5. So very true about that path of wisdom! I suppose if it were smooth and effortless, it would not be wisdom.

  6. hettienne i am so honored to have you share your life work with us as we walk towards the feast day of guadalupe. your love shines throughout!

  7. lot of victorious symbols go to make this one

    much love...

  8. I've always had a thing for mary magdalene. Seeing her as the tower in your deck has changed the meaning of the tower card for me. The tower is a scary card but seeing it depicted as mary magdalene and your words has helped me to see it as the gift of wisdom through disillusionment or the breaking down of ideas and false gods. Thank you.


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