Saturday, December 12, 2015

Feast Day of Lady of Guadulupe - Day Twelve

Cloak of the Earth Mother (Lady of Guadulupe)
Mother of Roses in the Sacred Mysteries of Mary Deck
(traditionally Queen of Pentacles)
The Path of Wisdom

She comes through the door without knocking in order to deliver some sweet or strong dulces or carnes, sweet bread or meaty nourishments, to you.

I have heard you state seriously that you have no access to rocky caves where you can take up immediate residence in order to pursue your love of her in a solitary way.M'hijas y m'hijos, daughters and sons, understand that wherever is your bed, that is the right cave for you. Your own cellar, your own table, your own street corner, your own bicycle, your own alley -- these are all the right rocky caves. It is true that some people teach that mystics live in out-of-the-way places, but many, many across the world live exactly as you do -- in the most hidden way of all -- as very extraordinary souls living inside very ordinary circumstances. 

This is right and proper, for although it is lovely to think of retiring from the universe -- perhaps to a faraway place of great beauty and serenity where the outer world hardly ever intrudes, Our Lady grows her strongest roses in the earthy ground where she is most needed -- amongst horns honking, ambulances careening, children crying out alternatively in joy and in pain, all the people groaning and dancing and making love, the completetrochimochi, every which way, of humanity whose singings, sounds, works and actions are part of the exact basis for the harmonious cacophony -- the music of the cosmos. - Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes, the path of the broken heart

"No estoy yo aqui que soy tu madre?" 
Am I not here, I who am your mother?

Today is Dia Senora Nuestra de Guadulupe
and the last day of our Twelve Days of Mary
with Rebecca of
and a wonderful community of women and men
around the globe, who come together
year after year to share stories and thoughts and images
of the Blessed Mother in their own personal lives
and cultures and experiences!
What a wonderful blessing to be able to be part
of this annual pilgrimage - one which has
enriched my life with incredibly creative
and inspirational people whom I may never meet
face to face, but whom have invited me into their
hearts for a short while.

A Blessed Feast Day to you



  1. ah day 12, we wrap up till another wonderful year
    have a blessed day Hettienne

    much love...

  2. I love what you have written, reiterate your comments on this lovely yearly pilgrimage! Blessings xo

  3. be held in mother's arms.. lovely

  4. You have added so much to these past 12 days Hettienne. Your beautiful Mary Tarot, sharing your knowledge like poetry. It has been a blessing having you here.

  5. What a perfect and beautiful way to end our 12 day Mary journey. Reading Clarissa Pinkola Estes words reminded me that I need to get her books front and center from my book cases. I'll be watching for the tarot deck. Have a beautiful Christmas and a healthy, happy new year.

  6. I have so enjoyed being with you on this annual journey of the 12 Days of Mary. I learn so much from your posts. Thank you!

  7. Brilliant, Hettienne. Simply brilliant. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and many blessings in the coming year.

  8. Always a joy, Hettienne, to visit here and see your wonderful art and read your soul-flling messages. Twelve days of love and brilliance.

  9. dearest hettienne,
    i love your post today so deeply! thank you for your incredibly thoughtful offerings each day. these words"as very extraordinary souls living inside very ordinary circumstances." truly bring me so much joy! it is such a blessing to walk these days of love and light together each year! perhaps someday we will share the cobblestones in san miguel! xo

  10. the day I decide to look at your beautiful work again, with some time to connect a little more to this name that is so close to mine, and there She is, Queen of the Earth, how beautiful that you also find Her there, in an orange glow, the magical pentacles...can't wait to talk to you about how I'm discovering Her divine creative intelligence! Your work radiates with your heartfelt love and dedication, may it reach many. Un abrazo, Marie


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