Friday, January 23, 2015

Welcome to the Grow your Blog party!

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Welcome to Cloister of the Heart and thank you
for visiting my home in blogland.

I write to you from Cape Town in South Africa
where we are in the middle of a very hot summer.

When I joined the world of blogging five years ago
I was surprised to find a world of support, encouragement,
friendship and a connection with kindred spirits.
Women through the ages have always gathered and formed
circles of community.  A place to honour the life cycles,
the changes that we witness and go through,
a place to lament, a place to celebrate,
a community of witnesses and participants.
And now we do it online.
Here I have found sisters of the brush, of the pen,
and sisters of the soul.
And what a powerful community it is.

Through the support of my blogging circles
I started to share my ideas and creations.
I could share my thoughts on creativity, spirituality
and other things of the heart and I always found
acceptance and delight somewhere.

Maybe you would like to join in?

Here I share with you my love of many things.
My art is an eclectic mix of 'everything and
many things' - I think it is called assemblage.

Art is a vehicle of expression for all of us
and I attempt to catch hold of a beautiful
bubble of what I see and experience in
the world, and translate it into art, which I regard as the
language of the soul.
Images speak for themselves.  You do not
someone to interpret for you.

I enjoy using Soulcollage to make the unconscious

I collect dolls and it is an on-going fascination 
to create a story house for each one in the form of a
shadow box.  Most of them I collect on my travels
and then the box becomes a keepsake of my adventures.

Bride of Arles that I brought back from my trip to the South of France

I have a shop on Etsy and create jewellery and other
small items

And as you have no doubt by now realised, I am devoted
to the Feminine Divine and in particular Blessed Mary.
This devotion is not bound to any religion or creed, but
it is an inner journey of making the unconscious conscious
and making sense of the other realms and the impact of
Divine Love in our lives and the world.

Here you will find paper dolls :

shrines of all shapes and sizes

I also host the annual Art Novena for Our Lady of Lourdes

and I enjoy featuring other artists' and bloggers'
work here

Then there is my love of gardening,
my paintings

and of course my pilgrimages to sacred
sites around the world.

If you find something here that speak to your heart
and makes you smile, then please kick off your shoes,
sit back and walk with me 
through the Cloister of the Heart.

blessings on your journey



  1. Always enjoy visiting you Hettienne. Your eye candy and the love coming from your words makes my visit a happy one.

  2. Same with me Hettienne. I always enjoy your blog.Have a wonderful day.

  3. Hello Hettienne!

    Thank you for taking part in this year's Grow Your Blog event! I enjoyed reading about you and your blog :). I would like to wish you every success in your blogging adventure.

    Have a fabulous weekend and a happy GYB! Hugs, Asia

    If you'd like to visit me back and find out more about my blog Under a Creative Spell, that would be fab!

  4. It's always such a joy to visit your place Hettienne and soak up your creative magic!

  5. It's been LONG time since I visited your blog, Hettiene. So glad I did, though. I always adore your assemblages. They not only make me smile, they inspire me to create something similar (which will probably never happen).

    Loved the visit, and it was great to reconnect through GYB.

  6. Hettienne! What a beautiful name and great work you've done. Thanks for inviting me to your party ... isn't it fun?

    I've become a Follower and hoping you'll do he same when you visit me at SuZeQ Creations.


  7. Hello dear Hettienne! What a charming and lovely blog you have! Your work is quite beautiful and made with love.

    Happy to be visiting from the Grow Your Blog party :) Hugs and blessings to you! Stephanie - The Enchanting Rose

  8. OMG! I truly love your artwork. Thank you for sharing. I will follow and be back to visit.

  9. hettiene your art work is truly amazing. I love all the assemblage you do. That is one of my big interests as well but have not created anything so nice as yours yet. I am anxious to follow and see more of your talents

  10. I admire what you do - especially the assemblages. I've wanted to attempt making them, but have never made anything that was worth showing. Thank you for the lovely visit to your blog!

  11. I have really enjoyed your blog .I will be back. Your writing is nice to read.I love your Altars, are wonderful I have a special place for Mary also. I follow I want to do a Altar now.

  12. Hello I am stopping over to see your blog and I love your jewelry and your interest in the feminine divine .. all so interesting!!! So nice to meet you in the GYB party.. :)


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