Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Rose Woman who walked the Rough Road

The Rose Woman who walked the Rough Road
Soulcollage card made by Hettienne using magazine images

Dear Brave Souls; about taking care of the Child Spirit within.

To Grow Roses

This heritage rose plant
left to me
by the old missus
next door
when she moved away.

Now it is
transplanted down the road
and had been neglected
by those who fancied
its beauty
but did not know 
nor follow its ways,

cutting it back 
at wrong times,
not feeding it 
in the parts that
do not show,

leaving it naked
to sunburn,
erratic rainfall
was enough.

I bring the medicine bag.
It is filled with nutrients
to feed the bones
with meals 
at root level.

I am not a rose
but I study what is wise.

I measure how much and when
and under what conditions 
to nourish,
to water

I cover with soft blanket 
of plum leaves
this precious rose plant
to pat her to sleep, 
to regenerate underground
through the cold
and through the heat seasons
of her life

I ask the old men
and the old women
who have grown roses
for thousands of years
how and why and when;
I ask for their help.

I look slow, act slow,
Hard Life Rose Woman
not asking her
to be anything
but what she is;
not disappointed
in blooms,
saying no to taking
more on
to try to force her
to whatever
someone else
thinks wow.

gently nurturing and
praising for what she is,
green and growing.

I compare her
to no one,
no ambition for her
what 'she could have been.' 
Just love her as she is
Rose Woman
who walked the 
Rough Road.

I touch her,
show children
wandering down 
the road, how to 
touch her leaves,
like a gentle massage,
softly saying, You are Lovely,
yes you are.

I dont bring a laptop
nor a phone to
the venerable Rose.
I can see clearly
she has no use 
for digital anything
nor lists,
no need to put
as we used to say 
back to home:
ten pounds of mud
in a five pound sack.

Neither does she say
"I have to take care of me"
as though 'me' ought be
ever Capitalized to 
make a point.

She just is. 
and if you get
real close
after a rain
and if she has
her petals open
you can see 
the blue of our sky
reflected in the 
diamond droplet
on her cheek.

May you be tended thus, too,
in these ways and more, 
for what we would do for the rose 
who has lived the rough road, 
would we not also do for ourselves 
and for those we love?

This comes with love,

from Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes' Facebook page

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