Monday, December 1, 2014

Twelve days with Mary

It is that time of year once again.  Rebecca of Recuerda mi Corazon
is hosting Twelve days of Mary Love at

I look forward to these twelve days of focusing on Mary
in her many mysteries and veils as everyone
starts to focus on Christmas.

In the past year I started work on 
The Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck - a huge undertaking.
78 shrines for each of the tarot cards.
I have set the publishing date as 1 November 2015!
If you are interested in reading more about it,
 there is a link in my sidebar.

It is a mystical deck based on inner vision of colour and light
and the understanding of Mary in the alchemical, spiritual
context of esoteric and mystical Christianity.
I am writing the journey as seen and experienced
by the inner self, the psyche and the inner child.
The inner child that sets out on this journey
and learns to master the self in order to
become the vessel for the Divine Self.

The entire ancient world, from Asia Minor to the Nile
and from Greece to the Indus Valley, abounds in 
figurines of the naked female form, in various
attitudes of the all-supporting, all-including Goddess
and so it came to pass that, in the end and to our day,
Mary, Queen of Martyrs, became the sole inheritor of all the
names and forms, sorrows, joys and consolations of
the Goddess-Mother in the Western World.
Seat of Wisdom, Vessel of Honour, Mystical Rose, 
House of Gold, Gate of Heaven,
Morning Star, Refuge of Sinners, Queen of Angels,
Queen of Peace  
   -   Joseph Campbell

Full Moon at the Notre Dame on the Nativity of Mary
8 September 2014

I took this picture of the beautiful full moon
on the night of the Nativity Feast of Mary with
the bells of the Notre Dame pealing.
I re-visited the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal
in Paris - on the day of Mary's Nativity Feast and
we were in time for the mass in French!  It was
very moving and quite magical to participate in this
beautiful chapel with all the resident nuns.

This shrine will be the Queen of Earth card
in the Mysteries of Mary tarot deck

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
Queen of the Suit of Holy Medals (earth)



  1. How stunning, Hettienne. Joining with you in loving Mary. I look forwar to seeing your creations.

  2. Good to see you here Hettienne. Your Mysteries of Mary Tarot deck must be lovely. As are all of your photos posted here.

  3. what a wondrous creation, Hettienne! I wonder at your seeminly unlimitied ideas for bringing out the beauty of Mary.

  4. Hello again! What a magical/mystical image that is of the Notre Dame with the full moon on the feast day of our BVM! Even more exciting that YOU took it.

  5. thank you hettienne for your beautiful presence as we walk the first 12 days of december together. i have missed everyone so much. it feels so comforting to walk together in this light of love and honoring, already my heart is swelling. xo

  6. Do I detect a hint of mischievousness in the face of the first Mary? :)

    In Her Company


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