Friday, December 12, 2014

Twelve Days with Mary - Feast day of Our Lady of Guadulupe

One of the Mary shrines in my garden

Today is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe
and the final day of Twelve Days with Mary
and Lupita Love hosted every year by
Thank you Rebecca and everyone else who
made these twelve days so special and 
gave such depth to the meaning of the
Christmas season.
 I found a fascinating website written
by an inspirational author,
Mary Beben and

My Lady of Guadulupe lamp

She wrote this piece on Our Lady of Guadualupe
which I found very wholistic and insightful.
It is not often that a piece is written taking
into account the literal religious as well as the
metaphoric and mystical interpretation.
It may not be everyone's point of view,
but it is a point of view of hope and love.

One of my Soulcollage cards

"Did you ever realize that the young woman 
who appeared in the 16th century

 to Juan Diego on Tepeyac Hill was pregnant?
This young woman asked the Indian man to go to his bishop a
nd ask that a chapel be built in the place that she appeared. 
She told him to climb to the top of the hill in chilly December 
and bring her  the roses growing there.
 He did that and she arranged the 
roses inside his tilma – 
the rough cloak that he wore. 
He took this to the bishop 
because he thought it was the 
sign she was giving him to prove her request was real. 
But when he opened the tilma and the roses
 spilled out at the bishop’s feet,
 there was an image covering the inside of the garment – 
a picture of the woman herself – 
the same image that hangs today
 in the basilica that was built for her.

There are many wonderful details in this story, 
but I want to accentuate the one I find most important.
 In this picture the woman is wearing a dark robe
 that is covered with the starry constellations of the night sky.
 Her inner garment is rose, the color of dawn. 
The type of robe she wears is the style 
that was worn by pregnant mothers in that time. 
There are little ties above the waistline that seem to be 
meant for gradually letting 
out to make room for the growing fetus. 
So here is a woman who 
gives us a vivid image of her identity. 
She shows us, rather than tells, 
that she is the cosmos itself, 
actually Earth taking on a persona. 
She is Earth pregnant with the coming human!

She reveals that she is actually Spirit
 that has covered
 herself with a robe of matter, as each of us has done, as well. 
Without the robe she has put on, 
we would not see her at all;
 Spirit is imperceptible without its partnership with matter. 
So here we see an image of Earth Herself, 
robed around with the stars and galaxies of space! 
And beneath the outer robe,
 the other,
 inner one peeks through – enlightenment – 
the coming of Dawn.

If we are not convinced from that, 
she stands on the moon
 – our moon – and is lighted from behind with the rays of our son,
 so that she is truly “the woman clothed in the sun,”
 from the ancient scriptures. (Revelations 7:12) 
The sun both clothes her and gives its reflected light to 
all the orbs covering her robe and to the moon, as well.

Her coming caused quite a stir in the 1500’s

for the Aztecs and created waves of
 conversion to the Christian faith.
 But they were not yet prepared to
 know that this message
 was for all the years to come when we could now see 
even more into the 
stunning revelation. 
The tilma, made of very crude cactus fiber should have
 lasted about 40 years,
 but it is still intact and carrying its image in 2014, 
with its message for our time.

Conversion to Christianity was just the beginning of the 

story of how God comes to humanity. 
We learn from the 
Christian story a more universal,
 larger story
 that is for all people at all times.
 God is an inner coming,
 as most religions of the world will agree. 
We welcome that Presence
 into our beings as a woman welcomes a gestating child. 
But the Coming is never over. 
It is the cosmos itself that is pregnant with all of us 
and gives birth to us one by one.
 As we evolve communally,
 the new human comes into existence,
 but it is always an inner coming to each one personally.

The Woman clothed in the sun is Earth herself, 

having come to enough consciousness 
to be able to communicate this fact to us.
 It wasn’t possible before that
 moment because we had not grown
 enough in our sense of identity for this 
amazing miracle to happen – 
the revelation of the Lady 
who is still calling us to come
 and see and ponder this truth.



  1. Hettienne, this description of Our Lady of Guadalupe is very interesting to me. I'm cutting and pasting it into a Word doc so I can save it. I love everything that you've posted these twelve days. I'm glad that all of us from earlier years came back together again in 2014, thanks. to Rebecca.

  2. always beautiful.
    always inspiring.
    always something new.
    that's you hettienne...
    always grand in all ways.
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Thank you for this, Hettienne! It has been such a wonderful and blessed journey shared with you and the others. Always a pleasure!

  4. i have never thought to put twinkle lights on my Mary garden shrine - how could i have missed that! I will do so today through the Christmas season - thanks for sharing your personal pilgrimage!

  5. dearest hettiene,
    these twelve days together have been inspiring and deeply comforting. thank you for sharing your love light so generously and your wisdom!
    i love your mary with the starry lights and i love you! xo


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