Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Twelve Days with Mary - Day Three

Innocence in the Mysteries of Mary tarot deck
St Bernadette

0 Innocence 
traditionally The Fool

The innocent Bernadette lived a life of poverty 
and struggle with her family in Lourdes.
Every day she tended the sheep and collected
sticks for kindle for the fire.

She went to a cave where rubbish
 had collected and it
is here where she had her first of eighteen visions of
the Lady in White. 

She said the Lady in White shimmered with a great
light and she had a rosary and yellow roses on her feet.
The Lady asked her to return to the cave
 for the next fortnight.

Bernadette faced much criticism and even persecution
about her visions.  She was taken in for questioning
by the police many times and great pressure was put on
her to not return to the grotto.

Many felt the power of the Presence of the Lady, but
many others were disbelieving and openly scornful.
However, Bernadette retained a childlike innocence
and implacable faith in her visions and the messages
that she received.

In this card we see the purity and innocent open-heartedness
of the child.  We see someone who sets off on a journey
without consideration of or without any expectation of
hardship and obstacles or even any sense of danger.

Bernadette, like the traditional Fool, is 
accompanied by her sheep who represents the
 herd mentality of human nature :
that part in us that will not break with tradition 
or set out alone;
the obedient self. 
 She is surrounded by flowers and greenery
of the forest and ahead of her are 
magical golden branches
and leaves, indicating that
 magic and miracles are ahead.

Behind Bernadette is the dark cave in which
she received her many visions.
She really steps out from the safety
of the world that she had known, into the unknown.
Like the traditional Fool of the tarot deck, she
steps off the cliff without regard for what is below.
She kneels into the
light that comes from the vision of the Lady in White
in front of her, thus stepping into the light
of a new adventure, a new beginning and indeed
a miraculous new era for humanity and
the message from the Divine Feminine appearing
as the Blessed Mary, the Immaculate Conception.

She has a small picnic lunch wrapped in sack
and cloth with her which contains her
simple lunch of an apple and bread and hidden in the packet
is the fragmented porcelain doll.  These dolls are hidden in
many of the cards and they symbolize the bounded self,
the whole Child Within, who is mostly unconscious or bound
by belief systems, traditions, culture and personal fears and
thus kept out of sight.  

For other visions of Mary please join
with Rebecca of
Recuerda mi Corazon
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  1. Oh my gosh, Hettienne. Once again you have amazed me. I love the shrine you have built, I loved reading the "reading", or the story. Again, I cannot wait until your tarot card deck is complete. This is totally awesome!!

    1. Dear Judie, I only share some extracts here - the full readings and cards (in progress and under construction and growing all the time, alas!) is to be found on

  2. The depth of your writings and reflections speak of a very deep and strong faith. One in which I admire greatly-along with your ability to convey your thoughts.

    1. Thank you! As I said to Judie, just as I thought that I have mounted a too wild horse for me to ride with the tarot deck, someone comes along and give me the encouragement that I need. Today it is the two of you!!

  3. The story of Bernadette has long been an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing that here.

  4. thank you for stirring my heart with fond memories of learning about the life of Bernadette as a young child. such a pure believing heart. i too am so intrigued with your devotional art and this perfect journey to create a shrine for each tarot card. lovely!


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