Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Twelve Days with Mary Day Ten

Street art in Assisi.

I took these pictures during my trip to France and Italy
in September this year.
Shortly after I took these photographs it started to rain,
but that did not deter the artist. 
The next morning he re-did the painting!
and the next!
Such a reminder of daily life.

travelling through twelve days of Mary Love
with Lupita Love by Rebecca
of RecuerdamiCorazon.



  1. Thank you this is wonderful.

  2. This is a truly wondrous example of chalk art and the tenacity and devotion of the artist who redid the work even after rains had washed it away. My art group in Redondo Beach has an event annually called Chalk it Up where artists come and create on the sidewalks around the Redondo Beach Pier. Your September trip sounds magical.

  3. this is beautiful, imagine if we wandered down sidewalks so decorated every day, and of course many do.. this street artist is like a house wife.. and our surroundings affect us on so many levels.. i would love her/him to come and fill my pavements with wonder!

  4. What a wonderful trip that must have been, Hetienne. Is this madonna done in paint of chalk? Reminds me of the sand tapetas in Mexico. Love the blue cloak.

  5. i love the idea of ephemeral offerings. this is wonder filled!
    thanks for your comments regarding my shrine. having a background in glass and soldering i love to include many reflective layers so that the shine transmits a living light.

  6. So interesting. The church tried to erase Mary & Mary Magdalene, because honoring the Feminine reminded them too much of Goddess worship. Yet Mother Mary -- and even Mary Mag -- kept an important place in peoples' hearts. And here is this "temporary" Mary, being renewed every time she is erased. How appropriate!


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