Thursday, December 4, 2014

Twelve Days with Mary - Day Four

The Rosary Garden 
an extract from The Wild Heart of Mary
by Gail Faith Edwards

Our Lady's Florilegia

Teachings of the herbs, flowers and trees
of the Mysteries

The rosary mysteries focus our minds and hearts
on the story of our birth as a people, as a culture.
They also speak to us of certain plants, herbs and
foods of field and wood, necessary for our
sustenance.  These plants became associated
with each of the mysteries and their teachings 
due to their individual features and unique qualities.
These included the growing habit :  the colour,
the form and aroma of the flowers, leaves and
roots and the over-all effect of its use on other living
beings, such as its medicinal, spiritual and emotional benefits.

The Joyful Mysteries bring our attention to the
Allium and Liliaceae Family plants (lily, garlic,
Figs and the spring and summer herbs and
flowers of field and garden (Mary's Florilegia
or Mary's flowers)

The Luminous Mysteries concentrate on grapes
and fermented food and drink, Brassica family plants
(broccoli, mustard, radish) and the Cereals,
such as wheat, oats, barley and rye

The Sorrowful Mysteries highlights the Olive Tree,
St Johns Wort, Aloe Vera and Passion flower

The Glorious Mysteries celebrate Mary's Emblem,
the Mystical Rose and the nourishing
Rosaceae Family plants, such as hawthorn,
apple, raspberry and strawberry

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  1. ...and they all look good on Mary.

  2. This is so special, Hettienne. I had not heard of this before. I have a whole knew insight into the Rosary.

  3. Wow-thanks for this! I knew about the array of flowers, but never understood why so many. This connects all the dots for me!

  4. what a grand lesson of flowers associated with our Mother! I will return when I'm not so tired and take notes. thank you, dear, Hettienne.


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