Saturday, December 6, 2014

Twelve days with Mary - Day 6

With whom can we compare you,
O Mother of Grace and beauty
You are the paradise of God.

From you springs the fountain 
of living water 
that irrigates the whole earth

-  St Bernard of Clairvaux

Keeping the fire alit
Twelve days with Mary in Love
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  1. Tears of crystal clarity are as open as the soul of Mary.

  2. Beautiful photos of 'Our Lady' and wonderful devotion ~ pray for us.

    artmusedogs and carol
    Happy Weekend to you

  3. I could swear that tear is moving..

  4. in mexico to comfort our lady of sorrows entire windows, courtyards, rooms, become shines often holding life size Madonna's hundreds of years old. on this day there are symbols that appear to adorn her. a precious while lace handkerchief is placed lovingly in her hand, sometimes a gold dagger enters her heart, and radiant diamond tears grace her cheeks. your mary takes me to this night of nights in san miguel where the entire town walks quietly house to house to marvel in this ancient tradition that goes back 500 years.

    1. It is still my hope to see those nights in person!!!

  5. This is such a lovely post, Hettienne. I very much enjoyed all the lovely photos, verses and quotes! The best to you and yours this season!

  6. Oh! To be in your garden would be such a joy! I'll settle for the lovely images you post of it though-anchored by the beautiful prose that accompanies it.

  7. Very moving photographs and words. Thanks for sharing. I love how Rebecca commented about San Miguel.


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