Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Twelve days with Mary - day 2

"Mary our Mother is always with us, closer to us than our own jugular vein, more intimately interwoven with our being than our own breath, always holding us in infinite love to her heart, always trying to inspire us into our deepest, calmest, and finest selves. Waking up to the miracle of this all-enfolding passionate concern from the Mother of the Universe is the most wonderful thing that can happen to anyone in this life and the entry into the conscious human divine childhood that awaits all true lovers of the Mother.

"Our tragedy is that we are so rarely open to the one who is always open to us, so rarely vulnerable to the one whose always-open heart is so vulnerable to our pain and difficulties, so rarely awake to the messages that are always arising out of her silence. This is why learning to 'inspire' ourselves is so important. A Christian saint, Bede Griffiths, once said to me, 'What is essential is to keep the heart always open to beauty, for she is beauty.' What could be harder in an age like ours? And yet, it is just because our age is so harsh and brutal that it is more than ever essential to create around us, in our homes and offices and meeting places, a sacred environment. To do so is to awaken the poet in each of us, the poet and the lover of life and beauty.  -  Andrew Harvey, Mary's Vineyard

Twelve Days of Mary Love with
Rebecca of Recuerda mi Corazon
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  1. Such interesting focus and framing. Nicely done.

  2. Beautiful sacred garden shrine. Most inspiring.

  3. I love 'visiting' our garden. It has a very special spiritual/sacredness to it.

  4. dear hettienne,
    how the making of sacred places within our daily comings and goings lifts ones spirit! yes to keeping our hearts open to the beauty that resides in every moment, and every person. (a mother's love tells us this is so!)


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