Friday, August 22, 2014

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The Bodhi Tree*

I Am the One Who knows and understands pain.
I am the one who is bundled in the weight of
physical life.  I take time to sit under the tree
and to wait for the seasons to come to pass
and the tree to bear fruit.

I have the Wisdom to detach from everyday life.
I have the Wisdom to remove myself from
toxic and painful situations which I cannot change.

I Am the One who accepts that which I cannot
change. I am the one who has the Wisdom
to know that growth is mostly invisible
and that the buds of spring appear overnight.

I am the One who knows that life comes and goes and that 
change is always with us.

I bring you the gifts of acceptance, patience
and regeneration. 

As one thing dies, another is born.

*The tree of enlightenment;
the tree of wisdom;
the tree of detachment.

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