Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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The Red Door

I Am the One Who guides you to the red door.
I Am the One Who guards the red door.
I Am both the Gatekeeper
and the Guardian.

I guide you through the cycles of life*

Each time you step through the 
red door of the Goddess,
the sacred feminine,
you step into a new adventure,
a new challenge and
a new experience.
You uncover things about yourself that you
never dreamt to be possible.

But you also have to leave behind
all that which cannot pass the red door.

*the feminine cycles of life are regarded as
Virgin, Mother and Crone.  A virgin being
someone who has never been a mother.
These are biological, emotional, mental
and spiritual cycles for women.
Men also experience these cycles, just not
biologically and all the energy bodies
that accompany these.

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