Monday, May 5, 2014

Mondays with Mary

Photographs taken at Sancta Maria,
at shrine in my garden

Mondays with Mary
The Tenth Teaching from
Ten Teachings for One World : Wisdom from Mother Mary
by Gina Lake

Let Love Be Your Guide

That love is the highest value is indisputable. 
 Only someone who has been deprived of love 
might dispute this out of his or her woundedness;  and yet,
 love is the only thing that can heal
such woundedness. 
 Love is that powerful and pervasive a force. 
 It is, in fact the only force
in the universe.  
And that is very good news.

Words are inadequate to describe this force. 
 If you call it love, it becomes limited to the realm
of human emotions.  
But the emotion of love is a poor reflection 
of the force I am speaking about.
This force, as it moves through the human being, 
gets corrupted by self-interest and greed. 
Love becomes something you have to 
get from someone else and something you never have enough
of, like everything the ego seeks.  
This is not love, but a lack of love masquerading as love. 
Neediness is a better word for it. 
 Neediness is the opposite of love, 
for true love results in a 
natural outpouring of love to others,
 not in desiring anything from them. 

Love is what you want, not a love that needs, but a love
that forgets itself in the presence of the Beloved,
which is all of life.  This self-forgetfullness is love.

Let love be your guide.  This is the tenth teaching.
Let love be your guide means align with the divine force 
of love within you and let it move you in your life.

Let love be your guide also means let love by your master,
let it guide your actions and speech.  Be the servant of love.
Do your actions and speech come from love?
If not, do not engage in them.
Will you be a force of love on this planet?
One individual acting as a force of love can
counteract hundreds, even thousands, 
acting otherwise.
How you act and what you say matters.
Be the loving force you can be.
This is my final teaching.

Next week I will start a new sharing
for Mondays with Mary - I hope you will continue
to join me. 
May you have a wonderful week!

with love, Hettienne


  1. Thank you for the teachings Hettienne. Looking forward to what next week brings. I will definitely try to be here. Thank you for hosting.

  2. magnificent teachings and such a lovely heartwarming Mary.

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  4. Almost gave up commenting but I persevered. It has been a pleasure reading these weekly treasures, Hettienne. Very much looking forward to next week for your new theme.

  5. I dont know what is going on with Blogger - it has truly been having a blue Monday. Thank you for uploading Nonnie's contribution some kind one!!


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