Monday, April 28, 2014

Mondays with Mary

Mondays with Mary

with extracts from
Ten Teachings for One World : Wisdom from Mother Mary
by Gina Lake



Everything is the way it is, and everything is in
constant change.  Nothing stays the same. 
This is the truth.
This is the reality.
It is a reality that the ego is not comfortable with,
because the ego cannot control the natural flow of life,
as it would like.  The ego is determined to have its
way with life, but sheer will is not enough.
Life will move as it will.
People have some influence on this movement,
they are a factor in the flow. 
But they do not determine the flow, which
is already established to some extent 
by a grand design.

Many have likened life to a river, and this is a 
good metaphor.  The river is more powerful and enduring
than anything or anyone on the river.
It has a force of its won,
independent of those traveling it,
who cannot change the river's course but
are obliged to follow it.
Those on the river do have freedom to
maneuver, however :
They can paddle slowly or quickly or even
try to buck the river.
They can sing or they can cry.
They can love or they can hate.
What you choose to do while you are on the
river affects the experience of being on the river,
but not the river.
So, too, with life.

You have a choice about how you respond
internally and externally to life,
but you are not in control of what life brings,
of how it shows up moment to moment.

Since you cannot control the way things are,
the only solution - the only one -
is to surrender to the way they are,
which means giving up the struggle and the complaints.
Your attitude toward the way things are is the only
thing you have control over.

And so the ninth teaching is to let everything be.
If you let everything be, that does not mean that things will 
not change, which is the fear the mind has about moments
it does not like.
Letting everything be does not mean
letting everything stay the way it is, because nothing
stays the same anyway.

Acceptance allows you to align with your true
higher nature.  From there, 
you respond to life with love, courage, patience,
strength and wisdom.

Everytime you suffer, you are supposing something.
'Things are supposed to be different.
I am supposed to be different. She is supposed
to be different. The past is supposed to be different.
I am supposed to feel differently.'
You decided how things are supposed to be, you tried
to make them that way, and when they turned out differently,
you felt angry or sad.

You have the choice of listening to the voice of 'no' to life
or the voice of acceptance of life which is the inner 'yes',
the voice of love, peace and wisdom.

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with love


  1. thank you for being you
    and for sharing yourself
    so generously
    with me
    and all who know you.
    it seems you are always ther
    with the perfect words...
    I received a package
    and it is beyond wonder-full!
    Thank you Hettienne! ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Hettienne, what a beautiful lesson. I read and re-read and listened. Thank you for the words. Have a wonderful week.

  3. "therein lies the rub" is what came to my mind on reading your enlightened view of life. How many times have I wanted to rewrite what was happening in my own life? Too many, sad to say. Yes, I need to surrender as Mary so faithfully did. Thank you, Hettienne for the lovely lesson.

  4. Hettienne, that you so much for the beautiful package I received. You are very kind. Wonderfully scented, love it.:)


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