Monday, April 7, 2014

Mondays with Mary

You are invited 
to walk with me through my Mary gardens

and to share your Mary inspiration
with us

Mondays with Mary

Here in the Southern tip of Africa we
are entering the balmy days of autumn
and I have been adding to one of my
many Mary gardens
The gorgeous purple flower
is an Angelico Serenity -
so fitting to grow around the
Mary statue

These pink beauties are all from the same
plant - they have a variety of pinks, lilac and
white flowers - all growing on the same shrub.

For ten weeks of Mondays with Mary
I am sharing extracts from the little book
by Gina Lake
Ten Teachings for One World : Wisdom from Mother Mary

The Sixth Teaching
To be with what is Real

What remains when thoughts and feelings are no longer believed,
when they no longer matter?  You are still here, right?
nothing really changed, and yet everything change,
because your relationship to life changed.
Before, your thoughts and feelings were seen as
primary and important;  now the fall into the
background, and the rest of life becomes
the foreground.

The problem with thoughts and feelings is that they do not
accurately reflect reality, and often they have no
connection whatsoever with reality,
although they pretend to.
In a sense, thoughts and feelings create a
parallel reality, one that contains
the you that you think of yourself as,
although that is all that that you is.
It is just ideas about you, mostly images 
and stories.
This parallel reality exists only in your own mind
(not even in other people's minds)

Imagine, for a moment, what it would be like if
someone who was angry at you disregarded that anger
or if you disregarded your anger.
How would that change relationships?
What can disturb the natural state of peace that
the evolved human is capable of?
Only a thought can ever disturb that peace.

Whatever you give your attention to becomes real to you.
Your awareness, which is peace, can experience life purely,
without the influence of the mind.

When the interfering, fearful mind is not heeded, it is possible to
discover the 'great peace that passeth all understanding'

Annie, you won last week's Mary Blessing Seeds!

Please send me your postal address and I will send them off to you.
And this week I am gifting another bag of Mary Blessing Seeds

You can read more about this beautiful idea
in my sidebar and if you search other posts about Blessing
Seeds.  Also have a look on my Etsy shop and read
some of the wonderful feedback I have received.

with love,


  1. Mary's gentle hand is calling me. I must get on my computer today and make sure to continue my faithful posting.

    1. Dear Annie, I am looking forward to your post. Did you see that you won the blessing seeds?!? yay!!

  2. Happy day to you Hettienne and Anne. I hope you have a wonderful week. The blessing seeds are awesome Hettienne and I'm sure Anne will love them.

  3. Ahhh.... the pictures from your Mary garden warm me through. We are headed into Spring up here in the northland. Still ice on the river and heaps of snow...but the grand Melt has begun.

    And I love this teaching from Mary. I am putting this book on my "to find" list.

    Thanks so much for bringing it into my world.

    go easy ~p


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