Monday, April 21, 2014

Mondays with Mary - a blessed Bright Easter Monday

On this Bright Monday I celebrate
another Monday with Mary
with you.

I wish you a day, a week and a year of
inner renewal, regeneration and rebirth.

And for this very special time of year,
Shiloh Sophia McCloud generously offers a
painting class inspired by Mary Magdalene
free to anyone.
The offer will be available for forty days
and you can click on this link

Ten Teachings for One World : Wisdom from Mother Mary
by Gina Lake

The EighthTeaching

Be Still

Unless you become still, you may not know your joy,
which does not arise from the mind but from beyond it.
To experience this joy requires making space
for it - empty space, free from thought.

In between each and every thought is a space,
and that is where freedom lies,
in experiencing this space.

What is the experience of thought like?
Does it make you more peaceful,
more loving, more courageous, 
more compassionate?
Possibly, but usually not.
More likely, thought causes tension,
because underlying so much of it is
the sense of not being or having enough.

The ego's tendency to run from stillness and peace
has to be overcome.

When the mind is quiet, you are left with the truth :
You are complete goodness and love, like 
That Which created you.

The only way to realize your true nature is to move out
of the intellect and into the experience of it.
You do this by being still.

To become still is a matter of learning to listen to something other 
than your thoughts. To listen means to be 
receptive to.
You listen to life, to what is here and now.

To be still is to just be.
Thoughts and feelings are noticed,
appreciated for what they are,
embraced, blessed, and kissed good-bye.
Everything passes in its own time.
When you are still, you let everything come and
everything go in its own time.

have a blessed week
and if you would like to join in,
here is Mr Linky


  1. Beautiful post Hettienne. Happy Easter Monday to you too. Sorry I have not been able to post. I have to admit that a little laziness for the computer has set in. I post my PPF post on Friday but that's about it. The outside world has been calling to me and so I spend the time outdoors in the yard. I do pray to God and Mary while in the garden and I appreciate your Mondays With Mary.

  2. Wow wow WOW - what a day of... things coming together in beauty this has been already.

    I recently started working my way through "One Day My Soul Just Opened Up" I am on day four which...of course... looks at meditation and being still. And here is this... such a lovely lovely post and wise teaching.

    And such an offer as well. I have such a yearning to paint...draw... create visually as well as with words and this offer made me weep.

    I have signed up. I have a bit of paint and though I have no canvas on hand, I do have paper and I will begin with this...what I have to hand.

    Thank you for the post and for sharing the link to the class with us.

    Blessed be ~p

  3. Hettienne, I know that saying so well. Just like cleanliness is next to Goldliness , being in the harden and working the soil, so it is.

  4. This past week, our Bible Study group walked the Way of the Cross through our Mother Mary's eyes via the Stations book by Richard Furey. Each of us read a Station. The words spoke to our inner mothers' hearts.

  5. Mr. Linky would NOT let me share my link.
    My post for Mondays with Mary can be found here-

  6. Lovely and meaningful. I copied it so I could enjoy it again. Hope you post more of this wisdom.


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