Monday, March 31, 2014

Mondays with Mary


Mondays with Mary

is not a religious event -
it is a celebration of all
things Mary
in her many forms and aspects
in the many cultures and tradition
of our world.

Whatever this means to YOU.

and in whatever way you want to celebrate
the Divine World, both profane and sacred,
in your belief, in your creativity,
your religion,
your understanding and
in your ideas and expression.
A place of sharing and growth!

The philosopher Thomas Moore, in his wonderful works on Soul, 

really defines it for me. Everyone has a Soul and thus a religion of the Soul, 

and that may be found in the enchantment of everyday living, in art as a sacred undertaking, 
or it may be found in the practise and application of a holy book and its teachings.

And to spice things up,
I will offer a give away for all those
who do participate
anywhere in the world.

from the book
Ten Teachings for One World : Wisdom from Mother Mary

Realize that your thoughts and feelings are not yours

What if your thoughts and feelings were not yours? What if by some
odd occurence, your thoughts and feelings were exchanged with someone
Would you still be who you are?
This is a profound question and worth pondering.
If you answered yes, what is it that remains if your thoughts
and feelings were no longer the same?
How much would this change your behaviour and how you see yourself?
Would you suddenly behave and see yourself differently?

The extent to which you tend to identify wit, believe and act out
your thoughts and feelings is the extent to which this thought
and feeling exchange would matter.
Or would it?
How different are your thoughts and feelings from other people's?
Don't all people have similar thoughts and feelings?
aren't you essentially more like other human beings than
different from them?
Do your thoughts and feelings make you unique or does something
else make you unique?

Everyone has the same needs, drives and desires :
for survival, food, water, sleep shelter,
security, safety, comfort, love, belonging,
happiness, peace and beauty.
All human beings also have similar feelings :
everyone feels fear, joy, love, guilt, anger, shame
jealousy, envy, hatred and greed.

So generally speaking, what makes people different is the extent to 
which they believe and act on their thoughts
and which thoughts they believe and act on.
The same is true of feelings : Your relationship to your feelings,
particularly to uncomfortable feelings, really matters.
Your relationship to your feelings determines whether you will
feel bad or not and how you will behave.
The feelings that you believe and focus on are strengthened
and become determining forces in your life,
while ones you brush off have little effect at all.

So again, what if your thoughts and feelings were not yours?
They are what give you the experience of being a human being,
while you are actually much more than a human being.
You are a spiritual being.

So, if your thoughts and feelings are not yours, then do they matter?
They seemed to matter because, after all, they were yours.
Aren't they what make you you?
Who are you if you are not these thoughts:
They are what make up the human you, but they 
are not what make up the real you.
Aren't you what is beyond all thoughts and feelings?
So, again, do your thoughts and feelings matter?
What if they do not?
Then what?
on what basis do you live life if not on the basis of your thoughts and feelings

But how to do this?
this brings to the sixth teaching ....... next week

and this week I am giving away a set of the Mother Mary Blessing
Seeds.  You can read about them and how they came to be
elsewhere on this blog and also on my Etsy shop - all links in the sidebar.

Have a great week and please leave a comment if you do link up.

with love


  1. Hello Hettienne. Good day to you and what a lovely post. Just a beautiful way to start the day. I've added my post and it's dedicated to you. Have a wonderful day. Thank you.

  2. Hettienne, what a lot to make me pause and dwell on your lovely piece.
    BTW, will you please read my blog post for today?
    Then, if you have advice for me, I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

  3. make my world sing!
    I always thought Thomas Moore
    thinks like I do...
    over and over
    around and through
    Perfect choice for today {and it IS still Monday in my world}
    Thank You and
    LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥


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