Monday, March 10, 2014

Mondays with Mary

Mondays with Mary

Gloria you are the winner of the Mary Heart!!!
yay!! Please send your postal address and
I will send you a parcel.
(I use to pick the winner
every week)

For Mondays with Mary I am sharing extracts
from a little book by Gina Lake
'Ten Teachings for One World : Wisdom from Mother Mary'

I found this book to be such a source of peace -
I hope it speaks to your heart as well.

The photographs were all taken in my garden

"The Second Teaching - Acknowledge the Hand of Grace

You are more precious than you realize.
There is no one else like you anywhere in the
universe.  Human beings are unique
and each of you is a unique human being...
There is nothing that is apart from the
Divine's care and consideration.
The Divine has a hand in even the smallest
aspect of creation.
It has a plan for each and everything it has
and it guides the unfolding of this plan.
The hand of God within creation
is often called Grace.

 It can appear accidental, capricious or purposeless,
but always this hand moves with wisdom, love
and in accordance with a greater scheme.
This is not to say that terrible things do not happen
that are not the hand of God, for the hand of
humankind produces terrible results at times, and
this is allowed as part of the plan.

The second teaching is Acknowledge the hand of Grace in your life.

You see, you are never separate from that which created you,
but rather, you are that which created you. 
Just as a child is made from the DNA and physical material
of the parents, you are made from and of
the same love that is the motivating force within the Divine
and all of creation.

The life force and love that run you run everything,
for they are the very essence of God.
But herein lies the rub : you have been given free will ....
... and the ability to choose is Grace as well.
Your life has been designed perfectly to bring you exactly to 
point that you are right now, which is exactly
where you are meant to be.
You cannot make a mistake, for all so-called
mistakes still take you where Grace intends.

I invite you to participate in
Mondays with Mary - you can join in any day of this week.
I will announce the winner of the giveaway next Monday.

When you link up below, please leave a comment - sometimes
the link does not show up then I can find you.

This week I started playing with paperdolls
and yes, Paula, you are so right, they are very addictive.
I will post a few more here in the week -
one of these French ladies will be given to
a participant next Monday!

have a wonderful week!!


  1. I really appreciate all of the gathering and typing and time you put into your allows me to read and learn things I may not have found on my own.
    Your garden is truly an Eden...I have never seen a more beautiful place...I will have these images in my head as I tackle my huge yard and try to tame it in these up-coming months.

    You paper-dolls are so very sweet! ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. What a beautiful post Hettienne and such a wonderful garden. Love it. I'm not sure if I was able to link up or not. I'll check back. Sorry I'm late. I won? Wow, thank you. That makes me very happy. I'll get back to you. For some reason I was thinking it's Mornings with Mary, but I see it is supposed to be Mondays with Mary? Thanks again Hettienne.

  3. Hi Hettienne. I couldn't find your email address. I must have missed it. It will be wonderful to receive a piece of your beautiful work. Thanks, gloria

  4. Everything you make is beautiful, so anything that appears will find a good home


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