Monday, March 3, 2014

Mondays with Mary

The First Teaching
Open and Receive

You only need to see
that love and guidance are already
present in every moment
for this to be your experience and your reality.

If you find this love and guidance
difficult to perceive,
then merely express your openness
to perceiving and receiving it.

Do not say 'I cant feel it'
because that is like saying
'I won't feel it'
and so you won't.
say 'I am willing to feel it'
and then feeling it will become a reality.

True enjoyment of life is possible when you
open to the possibility that you are not a victim
of a cruel world but a willing participant
and an adventurer faced with all manner of challenges,
all of which can be overcome, if not actually,
then at least, internally.

Every challenge can be won with the proper
attitudinal shift, with a shift
in consciousness.
Every difficult can be used to make you stronger.

You can be what you truly are when you open
to that possibility ........
This is the first step and the first teaching.

 Ten Teachings for One World : Wisdom from Mother Mary by Gina Lake

Welcome to Mondays with Mary
and this week I am gifting one of these beautiful
Hearts of Mary -
a wooden handmade heart, ready to hang.

If you want to participate, link up below
and I and others will visit!

Have a wonderful week


  1. What a beautiful post, Hettienne...obviously you are open to receiving guidance and love, it is so plentiful in your work! I have to see the posts I have missed, you are such an inspiration to me...I am open to life's many gifts, and you are one of them♥

  2. Your openness inspires me, and others to shift our way of thinking through your stunning art work and writing. May you have a blessed Lent.

  3. Hi Hetty. Each visit here breathes a bit of new life into me. Our soothing Mother warms me on a very cold day. I'm sad that only two of us have joined you so far today. Pax. Annie

    1. Dear Annie thank you for joining in - persistence often pays off - spread the word via your blog and invite others - I am sure our circle in the Mother's warm love will soon expand

  4. Hi, sorry I'm late. I posted early and forgot to link up. tee hee;) Hi Hettienne, love your words. You always inspire me. thank you for that. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Hi, I made this lovely Madonna and child late last year.
    Love your wooden heart.

    Cheers Marie

    1. Marie your work is absolutely breathtaking! When I go to your shop I get tears in my eyes - I have only one problem : I do not know which one to buy first!!

  6. Your blog inspires me and when I read it today I thought of my Mary pendant I wanted to share. Thank you


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