Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mondays with Mary - Monday 10 March GiveAway

Monday 10 March I will announce
the winner of the Mary Heart!

To make life simpler, I will
announce the winner the following Monday -
that way you have the entire week to join in!!

I am busy with my bookings for my next trip
to France and Italy and so my mind
is filled with daydreaming of special
places like Place du Tertre,
Galleries Laffayette,
the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal,
Lourdes and Assisi!!

And this set me off on a spree of
making articulate paper dolls!!

and here is one of them

a frothy combination of paper, vintage doilie lace
and flowers and feathers!

See the tiny little black bird on her shoulder
whispering encouragement :

Write your Story
it says

She comes with a tag
and a miniature black peg

Her typewriter is separate
and her arms can move!

Join in on Mondays with Mary
stand a chance to win
la journaliste or la photographe
or the ballerina or wait and see
on Monday when I line them up for you!



  1. Your paperdoll is a new and exciting artwork. I especially like the blackbird giving her encouragement. And that Mary special! Good luck and safe travels on your trip. How wonderful for you. Be sure to keep us posted so we can travel with you.

  2. Your trip sounds wonderful. Love your art. It is amazing and inspiring too!

  3. I imagine that making those paper dolls can be addicting! If I don't get a chance to wish you well when you do leave, here's an early 'bon voyage'!


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