Monday, February 24, 2014

Mondays with Mary - join in with me!

A pile of old wooden drawers from an unwanted cupboard

a walk on the beach
collecting some shells

and some old junk is given new life

Stella Maris
Star of the Sea

The halfmoon or cows horns
is a universal symbol for the
divine feminine
luna or the moon

the soft reflective light of the moon
is seen as feminine, as opposed
to the harsh bright light of the masculine sun

I filled the tiny plastic containers with tiny
sea shells and turned them into legs for the shrine

At the back is a tiny tarot card The Moon that
i made long ago

Previously this shrine contained a mermaid
but then I found this old vintage statue of Mary
that looks like it may have washed up on the beach
like the Star of the Sea

If you would like to play along
with Mondays with Mary
and share anything Mary
please link up below and your post
will go into the hat for this week's 


  1. Beautiful blog…xx

  2. another masterpiece Hettienne! Thank you for organizing this monday celebration! ♥

  3. Beautiful beautiful shrine... It resonates with me on so many levels. The moony moony seafaring Mary.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Happy Monday ~p

    1. One can almost see the glow of the moonlight all around her, dont you think?

  4. beautiful work Hettienne. I can't seem to link with this linky. I'll try again. Thanks for hosting.

  5. This comment is for Kate Steeper. Sorry dear, I can't comment on your blog but your Mary in the garden is just gorgeous.

  6. I adore being able to drink in the beauty you make with this and that; in addition, I've learned about the moon being a symbol for our Lady. thank you, Hettienne!

  7. I finally got it in Hettienne. :))

  8. As much as I would love to join in this weekly blog, I sadly, cannot! As I have myself overextended in too many other projects (and I am trying so hard to shed some of these things, but it is not a quick thing to do).
    BUt, what a sweet giveaway for some lucky person!


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