Monday, December 2, 2013

Day Two of Twelve Days of Mary

The Virgin and Child by a Mughal artist c 1630
British Library

Welcome to the second day of
Twelve Days with Mary -
an annual meme hosted by
Rebecca of

All cultures and traditions have a wonderfully
rich heritage of the Great Mother, Mother of God,
Universal Mother, Mother of the Holy Son
and many other universal titles.

For twelve wonderful days from
1 to 12 December,
the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe,
we celebrate
the Blessed Woman
in her many many aspects,
and infinite depth of meaning
to each one of us.

I found this very fascinating piece written by
Andrew Harvey and Anne Baring
on Mary in Islam.

Another surprise that awaits anyone who studies the
Koran is the Koranic reverence for Mary, the mother of Christ.
Very few Christians know that Mary is
considered by the Prophet to be the very
greatest and highest adepts of all -
the most marvelous of all women.
She is considered, both in the Koran and
later in theological commentaries on it, to have reached the
very summit of 'servanthood' and to be the greatest possible
example to any believer of the transforming and life-giving
power of pure selfless adoration of the Divine.
In later Koranic commentaries, Mary emerges as the supreme veil
let down by Allah between himself and humankind,
the supreme veil of Allah's mercy, forgiveness, sweetness
and humility towards his creatures,
the supreme sign of the of the loving-kindness of God.

They continue to say that in Sufism, the esoteric tradition of
Islam :

one way of imagining the Divine Feminine is to see it as the path of the lover -
the lover of human life, the lover of divine human love
and all its revelatory splendors,
the lover of so-called ordinary experience known and lived
in its divine ecstatic dimension.

Mary as the Blue Pearl by Hettienne
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  1. Most unusual and filled with emotion.

  2. She IS the supreme form of love...a tangible way to grasp the meaning
    of unconditional, godly love. Your painting is divine...I love the fusion
    of different symbolisms. xox

  3. beautiful paintings; have a nice Monday

    much love...

  4. thank you for unveiling these facts about Mary in the Islam faith! of course, it makes sense since she is Mother of all.

  5. yes, it is as you paint so beautiufully, mary if the blue pearl, the mother of all mothers, the seeker and the sought, the jewel of heaven, the supreme reminder to look into every ones eyes and see them with unconditional love.
    thank you for your blue infusion of wisdom and grace.

  6. I so appreciate the information about Mary from the viewpoint of Islam. I, too, fully believe that the archetype of the feminine divine weaves its way throughout all cultures and beliefs. Christians don't have a corner of Mary-ness. I adore your Blue Pearl portrait.

  7. Thank you for this information Hettienne. What a beautiful post and wonderful painting. I am happy to be here. Lovely.

  8. Hello Hettienne. Your blue pearl mary is so cool and lovely. Thank you for sharing her today. The Mughal image is fascinating to me as well. All the best to you!!

  9. Without a mother, there would be no son. Salvation did come by way of the feminine divine!

  10. Dear Hettienne, I don't think my original comment to you made it through... I love these images, the blue pearl is especially moving to me. And the eastern connection was all new to me. How I love expanding and filling out these unknown places of mystery... thank you!


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