Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day three of Twelve Days with Mary

Chalice in the Snow by Hettienne

I chose this poem yesterday before I read
on another blogging friend's post that
Joe Spadoman, the man of Peace,
has left his earthly body.
A more fitting poem I could not have chosen
in honour of his memory.
I did not know him that well, but I did get
to know him and his heartfelt posts
through the Twelve Days of Mary.

Mother of God of Akita,
Our Lady of the Snows

Universal Mother,
teach me to love the Holy One,
with utter abandon.
Teach me to pray as you pray,
without words or concepts to hinder my connection with
my Beloved.
Teach me to serve the world as you do,
serenely smiling through tears of blood.
Let the peace you proclaim come at last,
blanketing the earth like snow,
permeating the thirsty land
and penetrating the roots of all nations,
so that a new season of goodness
may burst into bloom  everywhere.

                            Mirabai Starr
         Mother of God Similar to Fire

This is Day Three in our annual Twelve Days of Mary
hosted by Rebecca -
my most favourite blogging time of the year!
And Mirabai Starr and her book that I shared with you
here is one of my absolute favourites!

please visit other participants

and enjoy the vast wisdom
being shared by all



May the Queen of Peace reign in all hearts.



  1. Wonderful post Hettienne and beautiful poem. May Joe rest in peace.

  2. Perfect poem choice,,,kismet is such a wondrous thing! And your painting...divine as always♥♥♥

  3. Dear Hettienne, Your painting is so beautiful and the poem... Joe would have loved it. May this prayer be my heart's song... Thank you so.

  4. Such a beautiful tribute, in art and words, for Joe. He will be so missed.

  5. have a nice Tuesday; awesome poetry!

    much love...

  6. I love your red Mary with chalice. I'm printing her out and seeing if I can recreate her classic beauty via the template for her robe. I love Mirabai, too, and I know Joe is probably reading all our posts today from a very different perspective than before. He will be missed. I didn't know him well either except for Rebecca's site.

  7. dear Hettienne,
    We are blessed to have met such wonderful human beings here in blog land.
    The poem is lovely.

  8. It is a beautiful poem for Christmastide and a fitting tribute to our dear friend, Joe. Thank you Hettienne! xx Noelle

  9. What a beautiful painting and a fitting tribute to Joe! Thank you for sharing!

  10. thank you for being one more voice of love and comfort. my heart is profoundly touched with how so many of us us the art of blogging to spread love in this world we share. joe was an expert at this. wrapping up in the beauty and comfort of you.

  11. Hello Hettienne, I'm responding to your request for the source of my pic in my post today. I don't remember exactly where this marble piece originates, but I took its picture at the Musée de Cluny in Paris France in 2007. I wish now I had written down that information... a mystery... until I return...

  12. Your poem helped me ease my sadness, thank you.

  13. A beautiful tribute in honour of Joe. May he rest in peace.

  14. So spiritual ~ lovely tribute to Joe ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  15. What a lovely poem, I'm sure all of Joe's friends appreciate you sharing this in his memory.


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