Friday, December 6, 2013

Day Six of Twelve Days of Mary - God has no hands

One of my garden shrines

God has no Hands : Comforting Maria, The Ritual of Pesame

Why do we have hands?  There is a saying from Teresa de Avila that
God has no hands. Thus, the old people say too, we were given hand to bring,
protect, comfort, heal and encourage all Creation. 
In the ancient rituals to the Holy Mother, there is also a time of literal laying on 
of our hands upon her body, in order to comfort,
protect, encourage, heal and help to bring
sorrowful Mother back to life again.
The ritual is not just for Our Lady.
It is to teach us also to lay hands on each other,
because we may someday be brought down and 
imprisoned in a long grief, too. 
Isn't it true for most everyone that there comes a time
in life when it seems anti-creation is taking place?

from Untie the Strong Woman by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

In loving memory of Madiba
and a country and nation in mourning

Another good-bye
and an inspiration that will live for ever in our hearts

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Today is the Sixth Day in the Mary pilgrimage

a wonderful twelve days of wisdom, sharing,
community and global family


  1. Beautiful post and yes we honor and will remember Nelson Mandela. Love your words about hands. They say that when you go to greet someone, if you softly place your left "hand" on their right shoulder facing you, there is an immediate bonding. I send you my virtual hand.:) Have a wonderful day and lovely post.

  2. we must all become peacemakers...
    no matter what the resistance. another thought-full post.
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. As hands can destroy, they can also heal!
    This is one of my favorite images, by the way.

  4. Well, I thought I had posted, but I guess I hadn't. A page popped up that said I had signed out of the University of Arizona page. Anyhow, beautiful words from Estes and tribute to Nelson Mandela.


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