Monday, October 7, 2013

Mondays with Mary - Hands of Mary

Hands of Compassion

Nurturing new life

Hands reaching out to another in acceptance,
welcoming embrace,
supporting each other,
lifting you up when you fall,
victorious in Love

Our hands, labouring in this world,
make the hands of Mary visible to all.

I have been away and will be visiting you soon -
looking forward to catching up with all my favourite bloggers!
Have a wonderful week.

Sharing with Rebecca at
Mornings with Mary

blessings, Hettienne


  1. This is more of your beautiful art? It is just that...beautiful.

  2. Hi Hettienne, You are making some lovely things, and your words are beautiful too. Lots of love, barb

  3. Good to see and hear from you, Hetienne. I love your Mary.

  4. stunning, Hettienne, especially her lovely and delicate hands!

  5. Hands reaching out
    Grasping. Holding. Saving. Us.
    Reaching hands back.


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