Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday mornings with Mary - Sacred Heart of the World

Sacred Heart of Mary
Sacred Heart of the World

Images of the Divine carry enormous energy and Presence.  
There are various ways of explaining it, but the ancients believed that the 
Spirit of that aspect of the Divine lives in Its image and form. 
I have the blessing of being able to see light around
people and living beings, and halos in sacred places
and I know first hand that these images 
are not just 'things',
but that they carry the light of the sacred 
and the Presence for each one of us
who are willing to believe.

When I visited the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Nazareth
in a small rural village of Rians,
there was a chapel of the Sacred Heart inside the church.
To me the Presence of the Sacred Heart was both visible and 
palpable - it was like the abundance of a fruit tree laden with fruit or the 
expanse of a lavender field.  The love of the Sacred Heart is infinite and expansive, like an ocean and we bathed in the soft lavender light of that church.  
As we left, we walked almost straight into a cherry tree, covered with ripe luscious fruit!! 

And this to me was such an amazing manifestation
and confirmation of the Divine Abundance and Compassion.
Never in either/or, but always in both and everything.  Nothing is excluded : not man-made images and statues, traditions or religions :  it all comes together in the Sacred Heart of the World.

And I am so pleased with my new pendants that I have
been creating - here is one hanging on this
beautiful statue - its own shrine!

So happy to be sharing in Mondays with Mary
with Rebecca and friends.
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and be sure to leave a comment and a word
of encouragement and appreciation.
It makes such a difference to one's Monday morning!

blessings to you


  1. I love what you have written here Hettienne, and I am totally in agree-ence. I see the light too, the more that I see it the more places I find it. You know I am loving your new's important work that you do! ♥♥

  2. dear hettienne,

    thank you for spreading your light and opening the door to the house of belonging; where no one is ever excluded! love your words here..

    "Never in either/or, but always in both and everything."

    i see the light in your heart, your thoughts, actions, deeds and creations.
    thank you for blessing monday with your kind awareness.

  3. Hettienne such a lovely sharing; have nice Monday

    much love...

  4. your awareness of what is around us takes my breath away! your art too makes me gasp with admiration.
    of course, my shrine brings forth thoughts of your generosity daily.

  5. With your art, you are shining the light!

    (Any chance that you can get rid of word verification? It's really an impediment to commenting, and comment moderation would serve the same purpose without annoying your readers. Just a thought...)

  6. And proud you should be. Your pendants are beautiful. All of these images in this post are lovely. Wow, Hettienne. You can see auras? I am in awe of you.


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