Monday, July 22, 2013

Mondays with Mary - Queen of Heaven

My work is loving the world - Mary Oliver

I too have prized it
in all its intimacies.
Its summer bloomings,
its nudities of winter.

Sometimes I sense a quiet
beneath the silence -
in the garden, perhaps,
the spreading hush
of the daffodils
and lilies,
or amidst those great trees
who have been here
for so long,
emissaries of the other realms,
saying, "peace, peace,
the world will endure
past all its losses."

Often it is the ocean itself
that speaks
in its roiling voice,
its thunderous tongue.

What it is saying
I have listened for
all these years,
as it crackles and whips,
or whispers in its silken tones.

Even now,
I am not sure of its message
its assaults of thrill and boom
shattering the rocks
into flares of light
something about Mystery,
something about uncontainable Love.
                                                                    - Dorothy Walters, A Cloth of Fine Gold

Queen of Heaven by Hettienne

On this Monday filled with uncontainable Love in all its many manifestations

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  1. That brief quote from Mary Oliver is priceless. So is your painting...heavenly!

    Riversong of Holiness

  2. A beautiful and meaningful painting. And the poetry is wonderful.

  3. Unfailingy beautiful, Hetty.

  4. OH Hettienne! This is your masterpiece!
    What a beautiful, beautiful painting!
    A cloth of fine gold indeed♥♥

  5. "...the quiet beneath the silence". That's what I connect to with Mary. Amazing art and poetry for this Monday ♥

  6. Beautiful work Hettienne. Awesome painting. Loved the poetry as well. Happy Mary Day to you.

  7. a breathtaking vision is your painting to go with the glorious Cloth of Fine Gold!

  8. my darling friend,
    thank you for gracing my day with your generous beauty in image and word.
    i love gloria calling this "happy mary day" certainly this day has been blessed with each
    holding you close in love and light.


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