Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday mornings with Mary - Essential kitch

She is the Mother of the mysteries,
of the arcane knowledge,
secret intuitions .... her blackness is a black hole,
pulling in everyone who contemplates her,
sucking our consciousness into her mystery ....

She can be fiercee, gaunt ..... lush,
bejeweled as at Gaudulupe,
or dressed in kitsch wedding dresses.

The kitsch is indeed essential ....
it connects her with the hopes, dreams, the groans
and the laments of the ordinary people.

Thus the Black Mary is a people's Mary ....

Extract from 'Divine Woman in Christianity" in 'The Absent Mother' by Roger Horrocks.

May you feel connected and supported in your play of shadow and light.

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with blessings


  1. Hetienne, I love your shrine and the words accompanying her. I love how you photographed her from all different angles, each showing her different aspects. Love kitsch.

  2. It's always interesting to see the multitude of ways Mary is portrayed. Thank you!

  3. Exquisite. The pink rosary is especially touching.

  4. I too love how you captured the shrine from many angles before we see the whole. I had not heard of "Black Mary" as you describe but can relate well to the definition. I do know of Black Madonna who is portrayed with darker skin. Regardless, your writing and photographs are beautiful.

  5. i always find such beauty and inspiration with you here and such comfort and compassion in your comments when you visit me. i am grateful for such a perfect outpouring of your love.

  6. each time I visit here, I am awed by the many faces of Mary! thank you

  7. Hetienne, somehow I missed this post and am so glad I came today. Love your creative work. I also love oracle cards and have one set of goddess cards and the other day found The Light and Shadow Tarot at an estate sale. Of course they are mine now. I am excited to see your Mary cards and on my way to visit your Devata blog now. xo


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