Monday, December 10, 2012

Day Ten of Share a Virgin a Day

She dances within me
Her strength moves my feet
She dances through me
Her power fills my speech
She dances with me
Her love embraces my heart

Sweet, sweet mother
I taste your fragrant compassion
I disappear into your eternal embrace

Your eternal love calls me
Your infinite being steers me
Your endless presence guides me into
My deepest heart.

Heart of hearts
Pierce my mind
Allow the light of Mercy
To shine on my ignorant self 

Painting and poem by Hettienne

You are invited to visit other sharings
at Rebecca's Twelve Days of Mary



  1. Oh, this is breathtaking - the image and the writing!

  2. Hettienne -- this Mary is so beautiful. And the words burn themselves into my heart.

  3. I believe this is my new favorite of your paintings Hettienne!
    The colors you chose and the expression on her face...
    beautiful poem too♥

  4. Beautiful painting of Mary Hettienne. She is so peaceful looking. Loved your words. Thank you.

  5. Again, you have blown me away. Your art is awesomely beautiful and haunting. Your poetry is as well.

  6. The love and joy that you put into your work is so vitally evident! Beautiful, on both accounts!

  7. Most beautiful poem and painting ~ exquisite ~ blessings to you ~

    (A Creative Harbor) ~ aka ArtMusedog and Carol ^_^

  8. I'm running out of adjectives to express my admiration for your verbal and artistic gifts.

  9. Exquisite, as always. When God passed out creative genes, he gave you lots and lots. Lucky us.

  10. She looks so lovely and peaceful,and I love the heart shaped flames. Thank you!


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