Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Virgin a Day - second day on these travels into the hidden

On this, the second day of the pilgrimage of Maria
Picture taken at Sancta Maria, Temple of Mary, South Africa

Black Madonna

Night wings over night tides.
A gloss and sheen
of an inner radiance
much deeper than dark.

She is the world
behind the seen
yet She is seen behind
the world.
The Black Madonna
is soaring
and Her feathered silence
will deafen all memory
of what has been.

She lifts you
into a shining darkness
up up up
until you are
Her starry vision.

She is the Mother of Radiance.

You are taken
and before you can
laugh or cry
you have forgotten
how to be anything
but Her dark ascencion
Her bright becoming.
 by Eric Ashford on his blog  She



  1. I see that both of our Virgin are out and about saying hello. The starlight you created is very pretty.

  2. Lovely image! I like the way the lights are loosely draped over her. It will be interesting to see where she takes us at the end of this journey....but of course the end is again the beginning!


  3. "She lifts you
    into a shinning darkness
    up up up
    until you are
    Her starry vision."

    who can resist such a love that willingly takes in all of us?

    lovely madonna, perfect bright becoming!

  4. Hettienne - your star-studded Virgin is lovely. It makes me long for one for my own garden. And the poem is wonderful!

  5. Oh, I do love that poem and will have to bookmark it! Thank you for posting it. Your picture is perfect for it!

  6. I have seen a holy card of the Black Madonna, but never a statue. Bless the missionaries who traveled to far lands. I love the lights around Mary. Was it around Christmas when you photographed this, or is that the normal garland for her?

  7. Oh yes, I'm lifted already, these words are wonderful.x

  8. Very uplifting. Love your poem and the lights that surround Mary. Thank you.

  9. Wonderful poem and photography for 'Our Lady' ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  10. Love that poem. I will have to visit Eric's website. Beautiful Mary!

  11. What an incredibly inspiring poem you shared with us today - thank you for such a wonderous post!

  12. Hettienne, I love the photo of Mary. I would love to do that with my Mary statue in my back yard! Thanks for the idea.

  13. That is a fabulous poem. Love the lights surrounding Mary in the picture!


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