Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Love's Name

when psalms surprise me with their music

  and antiphons turn to rum
  the spirit sings; the bottom drops out of my soul.
  and from the  center of my cellar, love,
  louder than thunder
  opens a heaven of naked air.
  new eyes awaken.
  i send love's name into the world with wings
  and songs grow up around me like a jungle.
  choirs of all creatures sing the tunes  
  your spirit played in Eden..
- Thomas Merton (Maria Lodewicus)

1 comment:

  1. so much beauty here! thank you for your visual postcards of love and sharing the wisdom of thomas merton.

    i am here to happily announce, it's our time of year again!!!
    in the spirit of sharing the light of the season i am once again hosting A Virgin a Day for the first 12 days of december leading up to mary's feast day.
    i am calling out all mary lovers to share some beauty, calm, and light!
    hope you will share some of your gorgeous marys.
    i love love love this bright sharing,
    every offering a delight and surprise! hope to meet you each morning for marylove.


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