Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Hero's Journey

What was the event that initiated you into the sacred journey of finding 
the Seeker.  The journey has many layers and levels and it is similar to a labyrinth :
at times you  retrace your steps;
at other times you walk into dead ends;
at other times you seem to be going into the opposite way
that you really want to be going
it takes you back to yourself, where you have always been.

In Zen, the peace and inner knowing that the spiritual seeker
is seeking, is often called The Open Secret or The Gateless Gate.
The second secret is that you have to travel and battle the hero's journey
in order to discover that you all along had that which you were looking for!
A true paradox!

The red thread of the labyrinth becomes the secret clue!

So let us explore our own journey towards freeing the Goddess within, in the story of Ariadne
the Red Thread

Just a note here :

 the hero and the goddess is not gender based - 
you have four inner 'selves' or roles within and we experience
them in our dreams through masculine or feminine characteristics and
therefore in those 'bodies'.
The hero is your personal self striving for self-mastery, regardless
of whether you are male or female;
The goddess is both god-dess and is not exclusive to women.

that is part of the spoils and treasures of this quest :
that you come to know yourself as Self, beyond masculine and feminine and
as both!

In the myth of Ariadne and Theseus

we have the labyrinth,

Theseus, the warrior

and Ariadne, the beautiful woman

and we have the red thread

and inside the labyrinth
waits the Minotaur.

Theseus really had no choice as to whether he wanted to enter
the labyrinth or not and he also had no idea what the minotaur
looked like. He only knew that no-one has ever returned alive
after facing the minotaur.

The minotaur represents our deepest fears;  our undermining
and self-sabotaging belief systems and the inner darkness of the mind.

Should Theseus conquer the Minotaur, he will win
the hand of Ariadne and gain her love!

but, alas, there are some challenges waiting on both
Theseus and Ariadne!

Questions you can ask yourself as you look at your own journey :

-  what was the event or series of events that woke you up to the fact that
you wanted to change things in your own perception and experiences

- how can you apply the principles of walking the labyrinth in your own life?

- make your own Warrior Self (Theseus) and Ariadne (Goddess) cards

-  journal your known fears and make a card bringing those elements into it

- create a minotaur card using the intuitive method (without analysis or thinking) and see
which image comes together - what does that 'beast' look like?  what does it show
you about your hidden and unknown fears?

-  what do you think is the red thread?

- make a list of the qualities of your inner warrior and inner goddess.

Till next time, when we will explore the red thread and the interpenetration of the
masculine and feminine qualities of the hero and the goddess.


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