Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You are the Hero of your own Story

Saint Meerabai and Saraswati, Hindu Goddess of Poetry

Do you ever dream of being a hero?  Do you ever imagine what it would feel like to be recognized for everything that you intrinsically are?  Are you often surprised when others comment with admiration for something that you do naturally?  When we view our life as a metaphor for a great inner quest, then we realize that we are indeed the hero of our own adventure.  And not only that ...... our stories include our own personal map, with hidden treasures and magical helpers and guides with amazing abilities.

On this journey you will be called to enter into the mystery, to step out of your comfort zone and to risk walking into the unknown.  You will be asked to open your eyes and your ears, to listen to the voices in the wind and the whispers of your heart, and you will face many challenges and trials as well as triumphs and  celebrations. 

 And you will be guided into finding your treasure and bringing it back to share with others!  
Sounds magical and exciting?

Then please join me in this journey of uncovering.  
I will be your Vision Keeper and the Scribe of your story.

By using the images from magazines and any other pictures that you collect,  we will create The Hero's Journey in SoulCollage(R) images.  As you take the time to ponder the questions, gather the images and then put them together, you will gain insight into your own story.   You will see the red thread that you left for yourself, similar to Ariadne and the labyrinth, and you will see that you have always steadfastly followed the way home, back to your heart.  You will see the same red thread that moves through your life, creating an exquisite unique tapestry.  And slowly but surely, the bigger picture will be revealed.

So, will you answer the Call?

Can you remember when you heard the Call?  

What prompted you to say 'this is enough' or 'no more' or were you not given a choice in the matter?

Get ready to enter through the sacred doorway.

The Call

with blessings


  1. Very beautiful !!! I wish I was that creative ; )
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Hi Monique, that is not the reaction I was hoping for :). I am sure you are very creative in your own way and it will be wonderful to see what you come up with for your own story - I hope that the unfolding of the hero's tale will inspire you to capture your own story! blessings

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