Sunday, June 24, 2012

Playing in the sandpit

So for a while, we play happily along,


we are initiated by life

and her seemingly cruel experiences

one day we realise that we are at the mercy
of some unfair and unjust fate
and that we are paying a heavy price for our
habitual ways of thinking and reacting

at this stage we may not have a name for this archetype yet,
but we become aware of an inner opponent :
one who demands a sacrifice of our peace of mind
and happiness

one who prescribes to all kinds of rules and regulations

one that is often called the 'ego'

if are aware, we will become conscious of
a 'second self', the twin-self or the witness

who will become our biggest ally in unmasking the many selves

As human beings we are both mortal and immortal. We are all living the mythical tale of The Hero and The Goddess. Every day we are challenged by the duality of the Hero and the Goddess. We experience the extreme tension of our dual nature of being both human and divine and we are in reality walking between two worlds. We are torn between the fear of our mortal self and the courage of our immortal soul.

our greatest and most powerful characteristic and attitude in this
epic battle will be our courageous self

First of all, find the courage to find the hero within yourself – it takes great courage to start the journey of self-realization and self-understanding. Arm yourself with a good sword and a great horse, in other words, arm yourself with knowledge and information and become your own Hero.
Make your spiritual journey and your journey of healing your own sacred quest. Remind yourself often that this is indeed a sacred quest that you are embarking upon and that its rewards are your whole complete Self!!! You will need to remind yourself often!
This quest has however an internal focus as opposed to the external focus of the world.
This quest appears to ask the complete opposite of what the world has taught you : it is a giving up of the doing and the hero has to learn to be. Being is not a luxury; it is a discipline. The hero has to undertake to listen carefully to his inner voice. Being takes courage and demands sacrifice.
This sacred quest also demands from you to say ‘yes!”. “Yes to the challenge, yes to the adventure and yes to change. Saying yes might not be all that easy.

I am off on a personal quest for the next two weeks (I will be travelling abroad), but will be back with more on the Goddess and her relationship with the Hero Within.

Till then,

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