Friday, June 22, 2012

The journey continues ...

The Hero and the Goddess

I invite you to play along, in your own time.
Collect a few old magazines, cut images out that speak to you,
and put together your own SoulCollage®
of your own mythical selves
and understand your story!
You will be amazed at the power of insight
and how it can radically change habitual thinking and reacting.

The Magical Child is the one who believes that there is good in everyone if you look long enough.  A wonderful trait up to a point.  The magical child can endure way beyond anyone else's idea of what should be endured.   This child's trick is to live in a bubble and to really create his or her own world and so be safe from that which they cannot deal with. The magical child is quick to believe in 'magic', so much so that he or she tend to believe that everything will come right magically, or that an angel or fairy godmother will appear and everything will be 'fixed'.  And then sit back and not 'rock the boat' or make any progress on the journey inward.

The greatest fear of the magical child is that 'evil' is more powerful than good and he or she may therefore choose not to set out on the journey and battle the minotaur within, but rather just stay where he or she is, blissfully undisturbed.

Then there is the Divine Child.

The Divine Child has an unshakeable faith and trust and seems to radiate an aura of purity and inner calm.  The Divine Child cannot defend him or herself against the idea of evil or negativity and the journey will lead him or her to uncover the Power of the Presence Within and his and her real strength.

There are many other children that live within us.  You may have identified your own, the Nature Child, the eternal child who resists growing up and so on. The inner child is a composite and a kaleidoscope of all the inner children and the more you become aware of which one is speaking, the clearer you can see what it is that the inner child fears.

Fear is based on personal perception and perspective. What is fearful for one, is not always fearful for another. That is why it is called an illusion or maya.

As soon as the child becomes aware of those around him, he will be disappointed.  Parents, caretakers, grand parents, teachers and other members of the community all have their own inner children.  And although they appear to be grown-ups they do not always act from an emotionally mature place within themselves.
And so their childhood wounds are carried over onto the children in their care.

It is obvious that the child will erect defenses and thorns to protect herself against feeling the pain.

And like Sleeping Beauty, the feeling self (the Soul) goes to sleep behind a thick thorn bush and she will only wake up by Love's first kiss.

The first part of the journey starts when one wakes up to the fact that a part of yourself act against you.  You may become aware that you seem to sabotage your own best efforts;  that, at times, you hurt those that you
love and it seems that you do so on purpose!!  You may become physically ill and realise that in order to heal, you will have to change certain attitudes and reactions.

This is a powerful event in the Hero's Journey.

This is when he becomes aware of the Shadow Self, the opponent in the battle that lies ahead.


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