Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Innocent One and the Hero's Journey

The Sacred Call

As you answer the sacred Call, your Soul welcomes you and embraces you as step into the Mystery.

The English word religion comes from the Latin religio, which means to unite or tie back together that which has gotten torn apart or fragmented.  It is also the root for the word ligament.  Religion is thus related to a 'holiness' that is a true 'wholeness' which can bring a healing connectedness, completeness and peace to the conflicts of the psyche and Soul.

If you read religion as a metaphor for your own magical journey to wholeness, it all makes so much sense.  That does not mean that you have to look at religious tales and characters and decide that they never existed and that they are only metaphorical. The story can be both personal and universal.  

When we understand religion to be an incredibly powerful mythical image and metaphor for our soul's journey, then we give the archetypal forces of our personality a symbolic and therefore also a conscious expression.  We can then start to see the purpose and teachings of certain events in our lives and we can tap into compassion for others and forgiveness for ourselves.

Sacred Space

When we create a space and declare it sacred and then re-enact the mythical tale in rite and ritual, we make it conscious as an objective presence, thus setting it free from ego-inflation, self-centredness and also from that very limiting and restrictive compulsion of seeking sensation in order to create a self-identity.

But alas, our modern lives and lifestyles have diminished and in most cases, faith in these symbolic rituals have been banned or suppressed or lost in the noise of entertainment.  So now we are left without the mystical and without the immanent symbols of the Divine and our own highest potential.  And we are left with an 'unholy' fragmented self, incapable of sewing the selves back together, and the complete self is now the forbidden self.

The time has arrived.  Let our tale begin.

Once upon a time, long long ago, the Innocent One,
the Magical Golden Child,
were born.

Every child contains the heart of innocence

Only a child has absolute childlike confidence with regard to the spontaneous wisdom of the heart, and the Innocent One,
the Golden Child
has the spontaneous childlike wisdom which uses the language of the heart

As you continue on your journey, you will recognize the voice of the Golden Child
within you, as
that amazing ability that comes straight from the heart and
bypasses the mind.

What does your Golden Child look like?
Can you find him/her within yourself?
Do you know what that small little voice sounds like?



  1. Oh Hettienne, I love your thoughts and ideas and the way you express them...and you are very clever too ;)

  2. thank you for reaffirming the presence of sacred and divine. i too believe in the beauty and strength of our soul intentions. beautiful thoughtful post. a perfect "postcard from paradise". maybe you will enjoy sharing yourself with others finding and sharing sacred ordinary. i hope you will visit as i know today you will be pleasingly moved.

    blessed sunday hettienne

  3. Lovely words of the sacred journey we are on ~ and all one ~ Wonderful photos ~ piece of Paradise ~ ~ thanks, ^_^
    (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Ditto, we came to the same destination but from different paths!

    Have a lovely week. x

  5. thanx for the education - I love learning new and relevant info.....Children are the most sacred as they are most honest and real....

  6. so glad you are here sharing your beauty with us all!


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