Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Hero/ine's Journey - The Orphan

So here you are!  The wonderful Innocent Self, setting off on this amazing adventure called Life.
You are so happy and full of the awe of everything that is new and wonderful.
You rush into the world expecting nothing other than beauty and goodness!
You are blissfully unaware of any dangerous cliffs or any harm that may befall you.

But it is the duty of the Innocent Self, to fall.  There is saying that innocence cannot survive
in this world. In order to become the master and the victorious Hero/ine of your own
story, you have to face the trials and tribulations of your life
in order to uncover your hidden talents, your amazing gifts, your inner strength,
your infinite ability to love and to forgive
and your
true Heart!!

But still!
Great is the shock when you do realize that there are some real monsters
lurking in the dark! 

And when you discover that you need protection and that it is not
always there.

And when you discover that your god-like parents are only too

And what does one do when you feel scared, hurt, afraid, sad and traumatised?

You need to protect yourself.  And there are various ways of
doing so although, now, today, as an adult,
it does not really make any sense.

But put yourself back into the mind of that Innocent Self
and feel what you felt then.

Did you feel like an orphan, (and maybe you were an orphan), abandoned, your needs not 
and maybe this was just the way it was in your family
you were a girl-child
when a boy was desired

and maybe you took refuge
in the great outdoors,
or in the comfort and closeness of someone else,
maybe a sibling,
or your own company

I invite you to play along,
ponder on this journey as we travel together;

wonder about your own quest;
recognize yourself in these characters

and please return to uncover the next chapter!



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